This 6 min 44 sec S'pore in 2019 recap video features almost every insane thing


Belmont Lay | December 29, 2019, 02:54 PM

A succinct video summarising almost every insane thing that happened in Singapore in 2019 has been put up on social media -- two days before the year and decade is up:

If you have 6 minutes 44 seconds to spare, like while waiting for a bus that says it will arrive in four minutes but really takes seven, do consider giving this a click.

It is by Singaporean almost-edgelord Carrine Low, who is the same lady who did the Nas Daily parody in September 2018 that left a lot of people screaming:

The whole video is a continuous meme that will cater to anyone who spends time on the internet cringe-watching content and left expressionless or screaming -- the only two expressions of real hardcore internet users.

To vaguely sum up what was covered in the video, here is an itemised list, with URL linked so you can delve into the context if you so wish:

Marie Kondo

Aloysius Pang

HIV data leak


"Is it because I'm Chinese?" Gojek lady

Shitty ice cream sandwich on reddit

Taxi uncle love advice

Subject-based banding

Online wealth coaches

Marquee couple

Jewel Changi opening

Monica Baey

Hong Kong

Woman mobility scooter cracks glass

Natalie Siow



SG Nasi Lemak

JP Morgan Ramesh

PMD ban

Singapore Social

Boomer messages



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