Piers Morgan slammed for mocking Chinese language on live TV

People were not amused.

January 22, 08:46 pm

Beloved SCGS drinks stall auntie had to leave job, finds out she was replaced by vending machine

She was forced to sell either plain water at room temperature or hot beverages as instructed by the school’s management.

January 22, 06:32 pm

Australian YouTuber fakes broken ankle for free business class upgrade on Cathay Pacific flight

Not cool.

January 21, 03:16 pm

Jurong bakery puts up poster shaming woman who allegedly stole pineapple tarts 2 years in a row

In case she tries again for the third time, perhaps.

January 17, 08:29 pm

S'porean actor-singer Aliff Aziz allegedly flashes his private parts during public squabble

The incident allegedly happened outside a restaurant in Singapore.

January 14, 03:34 pm

Man in Hougang allegedly peed on floor outside HDB, peeped into room of resident's daughter

The man allegedly peeped inside her house window regularly.

January 11, 09:41 pm

R.chord Hsieh's wife suffered miscarriage 39 days into pregnancy, suspected from stress of husband's affair

According to Keanna, Hsieh would fill the house with the smell of weed.

January 11, 01:11 pm

Tim Cook roasted at Golden Globes 2020 over Apple's use of sweatshop labour

It's getting hot in here.

January 8, 04:34 pm

Golden Village claims 'no evidence of bedbugs' after customer allegedly bitten at Plaza Singapura outlet


January 3, 03:59 pm

S'porean fell sick & felt ominous presence after accepting free mannequins & wig from Carouseller

No no no no no.

January 3, 02:57 pm

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