S'pore gym cites body positivity & Me Too movement after being questioned about CCTV in changing room


March 18, 01:14 pm

IMDA: MHA consulted about Watain concert before approval

IMDA ultimately agreed with MHA's recommendation to cancel the concert.

March 12, 12:12 pm

Commenters attack Joanne Peh on Instagram after accusing her of cyberbullying child actors


March 8, 06:18 pm

Swedish black metal band Watain angry & fans disappointed S'pore cancelled show

What a let down.

March 7, 09:58 pm

Petition calling for ban on 2 metal bands coming to S'pore gets over 15,000 signatures


March 7, 12:41 pm

S'pore ex-grassroots leader allegedly kicks older man in park, says "apologising is too embarrassing"

He refused to apologise to the old man because it was 'embarrassing'.

March 4, 04:42 pm

Audi couple share rear-view video of collision with "arrogant" cyclist, reveals their side of the story

The man disputes some of the claims made by the cyclist.

March 2, 12:46 pm

Allegedly intoxicated lady in S'pore passes out in private hire car, driver thinks she's dead

The driver unsuccessfully tried to wake her up for 15 minutes.

February 28, 06:23 pm

Young Romeo & Juliet otters elope to Pasir Ris, father of House of Capulet disapproves as wild jungle fowls watch drama unfold

Every family has its own problems.

February 25, 12:59 am

Complaint about man hanging out at S'pore McDonald's in army uniform backfires

When the troll gets told off.

February 19, 11:50 pm

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