Slappy Cakes apologises for glass bits found in smoothie, transfers out staff member who broke the glass

They denied taking the incident lightly.

November 19, 07:27 pm

Thai groom, 70, marries for the first time to woman, 20, in grand wedding

It's a love story.

November 19, 05:17 pm

Twitter user uploads photo of 'ghost' at Little Guilin, turns out it's just a white patch on rock


November 17, 02:46 pm

S'pore vet assistants who mocked deaf cat will handle admin duties if they return to clinic

The clinic stressed that it was an isolated incident that does not reflect their work ethic.

November 15, 10:41 pm

Viral tweet calls out discrepancy between travel requirements for different countries

Not all passports hold the same power.

November 14, 11:11 pm

Video of PMD rider who filmed & confronted 'staring' pedestrians surfaces

Double trouble.

November 14, 08:12 pm

S’pore vet suspends nurses for mocking deaf cat & playing with castrated dog testicles

The staff uploaded these incidents on their Instagram Stories.

November 13, 10:41 pm

Woman in S'pore edits past Instagram posts with exes to reflect what actually went on

From sh*tty guys to witty captions.

November 11, 05:49 pm

28-year-old actor-singer Aliff Aziz arrested for creating public annoyance when drunk at Orchard Road

He was arguing with another man near Orchard Towers.

November 10, 11:01 pm

S'pore commenters pile blame on drunk 15-year-old rape & sexual assault victim

Despicable responses to a spate of horrific acts.

November 1, 12:29 pm

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