Stories of Ellen Degeneres being a mean & terrible person surface after comedian calls her out


March 24, 12:24 pm

TikTok user starts 'coronavirus challenge' by licking airplane toilet seat


March 16, 02:11 pm

Beer lady who fed man at coffee shop served with stern warning

The beer promoter lady will be transferred to another outlet.

March 10, 03:53 pm

2 women charged over toilet paper brawl in Australia supermarket

They are due to appear at a local court on Apr. 28.

March 9, 03:34 pm

Man sells return tickets from S'pore to Osaka, says his girlfriend cheated on him

Includes 20kg baggage allowance.

March 5, 12:31 pm

Ronan Keating apologises for misleading post about S'pore & asks haters to get on with their 'short lives'


March 4, 12:03 am

Someone changed Ronan Keating's name to 'Ronan Covid Potty Keating' on Wikipedia


March 3, 07:09 pm

Ronan Keating's erroneous IG post about ships turned away from S'pore due to Covid-19 disappears

Quite fast.

March 3, 10:29 am

MPA debunks Ronan Keating's IG post, adds #WeCouldntSayNothingAtAll


March 2, 07:08 pm

Singer Ronan Keating claims ships not allowed to dock in S'pore port due to Covid-19 in picturesque IG post

You say it best...

March 2, 06:28 pm

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