Wang Leehom, 43, dropped from 20-year endorsement deal for being too 'old'

No way.

December 13, 01:01 pm

S'pore woman claims GrabPay charged her S$2,680.53, Grab says she triggered payment

She was initially refunded in GrabPay credits instead of a direct refund to her credit card.

December 12, 05:14 pm

Someone wrote 2 pages of praise on S'porean singer Tabitha Nauser's wiki page & it got cleaned up by Wikimedia


December 10, 04:42 pm

No, Miss Malaysia didn't win Miss Universe best national costume. Miss Philippines did.

The organiser has come out to clarify.

December 9, 06:18 pm

S'pore Airlines passenger roasted online after calling 17-hour flight delay 'inhumane torture'

Those who responded commented that he was just trying his luck for a refund.

December 8, 06:02 pm

Filipino footballer gets flak for rude behaviour after SEA Games match against M'sia

He was chided for rudely and aggressively high fiving his opponents after the game.

December 5, 05:11 pm

Travel agency & S'pore lady in spat after she sustains second-degree burns during Europe trip

Oh no.

December 2, 05:39 pm

Queues form outside Robinsons Heeren Black Friday sale on Thursday, 4am


November 28, 08:57 pm

S'pore man returns S$500 to lady who PayNow him wrongly, thanks angry keyboard warriors

Transferring the money back is tedious and time-consuming.

November 27, 03:20 pm

Paul Foster of S'pore Social denounces critics as 'haters' who are 'unhappy with their own lives'

He adds that there will be haters in every situation.

November 27, 12:43 pm

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