S'porean actor Tay Ping Hui accused of being 'arrogant' after shushing fellow cinema-goer


September 16, 02:15 pm

Internet celebrity Timstar wins girlfriend back after rebound proposal at Gong Cha bubble tea shop

Life is a wild ride.

September 14, 04:20 am

Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu 'proud' of screenwriter Adele Lim for walking away over pay disparity

He called her "sister" and said he "respects the hell out of her".

September 10, 11:43 pm

S'pore actress-model Melissa Faith Yeo charged for hurling vulgarities at police & SMRT staff

Maybe she having a really bad day.

September 10, 04:54 pm

Taiwanese YouTuber apologises after brouhaha incited from insensitive remarks about M'sians

He says he loves Malaysian food and hopes to visit Malaysia next year.

September 8, 10:16 am

Taiwanese YouTuber gets flamed for whining about stares from 'that kind of M'sians' in S'pore

Oh no.

September 6, 05:50 pm

S'porean footballer Ben Davis draws flak for omitting S'pore flag on Instagram page

Oh no.

August 31, 10:41 am

Ex-CEO Alain Ong accuses Pokka of bribing M'sian authorities & finding him a 'dissident'


August 29, 07:55 pm

Instagrammers in M'sia criticised for defiling gallery art during photo-taking

Oh no.

August 29, 03:54 pm

Korean star Ku Hye Sun reveals marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun failed as he didn't like her pointy bits

Nasty secrets are spilled when a divorce goes public.

August 22, 06:44 pm

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