S'pore woman claims she was ridiculed for ordering 130% sugar level bubble tea at LiHO Compass One

The high amount of sugar was meant to help her as she was feeling faint.

February 15, 04:41 pm

S'pore woman asks SUTD scholar to return to 'virus country' after disagreement on coronavirus name

The scholar was also asked if they would still take up a scholarship in Singapore if they did not receive a stipend every month.

February 14, 03:51 pm

Customer publicly apologises for wishing coronavirus on SingPost staff, appeals for Comms Chief to stop spreading post

'Mistake learnt, and I hope forgiveness can be given.'

February 13, 07:16 pm

S'pore wedding couple criticised for wearing native American headdress but claims it's their love for parrots

It's a confusing wedding.

February 12, 08:09 pm

Tottenham footballer Dele Alli faces possible ban after mocking coronavirus in Snapchat video

Who still uses Snapchat?

February 11, 07:51 pm

S’poreans are making memes to deal with panic buying in coronavirus situation

If all else fails, memes won't.

February 10, 04:14 pm

House of Seafood restaurant in Punggol sells surgical masks exclusively to diners for S$21.40 per box


February 10, 02:20 am

Shanmugam criticises S’porean ustaz for saying coronavirus outbreak retribution for China’s oppression of Muslim Uighurs

Shanmugam viewed his comments as silly and xenophobic.

February 7, 01:06 pm

Online petition calling for Aquaman 2 to drop Amber Heard has over 190,000 signatures

People are outraged.

February 6, 10:57 pm

M'sian hospital apologises for poster asking visitors if they've been to S'pore, Sabah amid virus outbreak


February 6, 06:13 pm

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