Addy Lee leaves e-commerce company Mdada citing health issues

The celebrity hairstylist has apparently been repeatedly hospitalised.

Matthias Ang | April 02, 2023, 09:19 PM

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Celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee has announced his departure from e-commerce company Mdada.

He co-founded the business with Singapore-based host and live streamer Pornsak and actress Michelle Chia in 2020.

In an Apr. 1 Instagram post, Lee cited health issues as the reason for his departure.

The post was accompanied with a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed.



Addy Lee(@addylee88)がシェアした投稿

Repeatedly hospitalised

Lee thanked both Pornsak and Chia, as well as the Mdada team for bringing the company to where it is today.

Adding that it was their hard work and "tireless effort" which had helped Mdada develop, he said that he had also enjoyed his time as a part of the team.

"Despite this, the past four months have taken a toll on my physical health," he wrote.

Lee further sad that he made the decision to leave Mdada when he was given a "final signal" by his doctor, following the completion of a surgery three weeks ago, and inadequate rest stemming from his participation in livestreams.

In a Mar. 29 Instagram post, Lee wrote that he had been hospitalised four times in a month, and had to undergo three operations.



Addy Lee(@addylee88)がシェアした投稿

Lee revealed in his Apr. 1 post that doctors had repeatedly told him to rest and take care of himself.

However, he continued to work as he did not want to disappoint his customers.

Lee said in his Mar. 29 post that his condition had caused much distress to his mother, and that she had urged him to return to Malaysia.

"My mother asked me not to struggle so hard. She does not need much money to spend and has been crying for me to return to Malaysia to rest and take care of my body," he said.

"I regret leaving at this time as I can't bear to give up my 'Mbabies', but I know my health needs my attention," he wrote further on his Apr. 1 post.

Lianhe Zaobao wrote that Lee did not respond to queries when contacted.

He also did not disclose the nature of his health problems.

Lee's departure comes three months after Pornsak's

Lee's departure comes three months after Pornsak announced that he was leaving Mdada.

At that time, Pornsak wrote that his aim for 2023 was to be "ideal live streamer".

He also wanted to hone his skills as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner.

Mdada subsequently released a statement in which it highlighted an interview with Pornsak, in which he apparently attributed — at least in part — his departure to a "generation gap", along with "vast differences" in their points of view, "especially when it came to corporate governance".

Calling Pornsak's decision to air the matter publicly "hurtful", they shared that this "affected Mdada's reputation and value" and "hurt Michelle, Addy and all employees of Mdada who work tirelessly to serve [their] loyal customers and fans".

The company also it would investigate these matters and wished Pornsak well.

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