From 2nd-class citizens having lessons in corridors to SAP school, St Nicholas Girls' School has come far

Their story is told in a moving documentary film by one of the school's alumna.

September 15, 05:22 pm

Lost dog in Thailand finally reunites with owner after waiting 4 years by road

We don't deserve dogs.

September 14, 01:16 am

Chinese man helps re-arrange worshippers' footwear at Buangkok mosque every Friday

He said he lives nearby and has no qualms helping out.

September 13, 07:01 pm

S'pore teacher shares what it's like to spend 6 years teaching inmates in prison

She encounters students of all ages.

September 13, 01:16 pm

Struggling sea turtle entangled in discarded fishing nets freed by M'sia firefighters

Poor turt.

September 13, 10:35 am

Well-loved cat at Outram Road furniture store dies at 29

Probably one of the oldest cats in Singapore.

September 11, 06:19 pm

Elderly uncle in hospice care still smokes & drinks, says he 'will go' anyway

He said not to 'wait to the last minute to regret anything'.

September 11, 03:07 pm

Japanese visitor picks up litter on S'pore street to help keep it clean & green

The man was headed back to Japan, but still did what he could.

September 11, 10:48 am

MRT commuter captures tender moment of foreign worker letting buddy snooze on his lap


September 10, 05:29 pm

Pioneer Generation couple walks down aisle & renews wedding vows after 54 years of marriage

Sweeter than honey.

September 9, 05:17 pm

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