Fired from student care centre for painting before class, S'pore teacher, 80, now has own exhibition

Well into his retirement, Johnny Wong is finally fulfilling a lifelong dream.

June 21, 11:05 am

Lady with guide dog shouted at & blocked from trying to board SBS bus by indignant lady

Guide dogs are allowed on public transport.

June 20, 11:53 am

Cambodian dad weaves son a school bag using raffia string as he couldn't afford one

Parenting wins.

June 18, 06:18 pm

Former Cambodian child worker rescued from rubbish dump graduates as valedictorian from Australian university


June 17, 04:10 pm

I watched my dad struggle through the fallout of a divorce, & saw a side I never could have imagined

Soft truths to keep Singapore from stalling.

June 15, 05:41 pm

S'pore bus driver, who used to be construction worker, now keeps bread on bus for other workers

“Must never forget where you come from ok?”

June 15, 02:33 pm

S'pore volunteers thank 5,000 foreign workers with huge potluck, clothes & haircuts

Kindness isn't dead in Singapore.

June 13, 12:16 pm

S'pore family of 87 has been wearing the same colour for Hari Raya since 2010

Very wholesome.

June 12, 11:02 am

S'pore commuter expresses gratitude to 2 strangers who helped with injuries during peak hour

Small acts of kindness can be life-changing.

June 11, 10:39 pm

Group of BTS fans organises food donation drive to commemorate boyband's 6th anniversary


June 9, 02:49 pm

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