S'pore father gives simple but deeply profound answer to why he let his daughter convert to Islam

Her father just wants her to be happy.

January 23, 09:59 am

Touching video about afterlife transports characters back to high school to explore life's regrets


January 22, 05:26 pm

Chinatown Complex uncle's towel stall sold out in just 2 days, thanks to supportive S'poreans

A small act of kindness can make a huge impact in one's life.

January 20, 05:28 pm

Photos of friendship between M'sian boy & cattle touch thousands, win Asian Geographic competition


January 17, 04:36 pm

GrabHitch driver volunteers free ride for S'pore athlete, says it's the least he can do to support them


January 16, 08:20 pm

S'pore policeman buys a toy for lost child after finding him at NEX shopping mall

All's well that ends well.

January 16, 05:21 pm

M'sian Foodpanda rider who lost his hands in bomb explosion demonstrates how he rides a motorcycle

Living life to the fullest.

January 15, 06:33 pm

61 S'pore prison inmates took O-Levels & received their results behind bars. 2 of them scored 5 As.

And more than 80 per cent passed at least 3 subjects each :)

January 15, 12:20 pm

Mover in S'pore returns S$50,000 inside cabinet that customer had forgotten, wins praise

That's great!

January 13, 11:32 pm

Vietnamese lady marries online boyfriend against parents' wishes, finds out he's a millionaire

This is Viet-ry sweet.

January 10, 07:01 pm

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