S'pore described as a 'banana-lemon' place in old Russian song from the 1930s

It is an old classic to many Russians.

3 hours

89-year-old Seletar Airport built by samsui women & was the largest British air base in the Far East

Today, it serves private jets.

6 hours

Old S'pore postage stamps with rare errors could be worth as much as a car

Expensive mistakes.

December 14, 2017

Why do Desker Road & Rowell Road have brothels with transgender prostitutes?

Due to historical, geographical and socio-economic reasons.

December 14, 2017

80-year-old cleaner takes stunning photos of 1960s & 1970s S'pore

There's an upcoming photo exhibition of his works too.

December 13, 2017

Rare photos show what early 1900s John Little department store looked like in S'pore

Quite classy.

December 12, 2017

A cheongsam means different things to different generations. Just ask your grandma, mum, and sister.

We also looked at the cheongsams that the late Mrs Lee wore over the years.

December 10, 2017

How a group of jaga kreta (car-watching) boys became the S'pore summon aunties of today

The sight of them still sends drivers running.

December 10, 2017

Some of your rubbish is zipped away at 80km/h underground to collection points

Without you even knowing.

December 8, 2017

Illegal digging for shellfish at Sungei Buloh is part of a larger problem for local wildlife

It's not a new problem.

December 7, 2017

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