Here's the cheat sheet to help you make sense of the 81-page fake news law

Understand first, then critique.

May 20, 09:23 pm

11 civil marriages in S'pore in 2017, at least 1 person under 18 years old

Such marriages require the application of a Special Marriage License first.

May 10, 06:30 pm

Shanmugam & Pritam Singh cross swords over courts making decision on correcting fake news

At the heart of the issue was how quickly could the courts respond.

May 9, 06:20 pm

New office to be set up to tackle fake news: S Iswaran

It will also work with tech companies in developing Codes of Practice for the online sphere.

May 9, 02:49 pm

Academics won't be targeted by fake news law, says Ong Ye Kung

Ong spent much of his speech highlighting how POFMA would in no way stifle discourse in S'pore.

May 9, 10:58 am

Fake news law passed by 72 to 9 votes, with 3 abstentions

The marathon two-day debate only ended after 10pm tonight.

May 8, 11:39 pm

Shanmugam takes US tech companies to task over objections to fake news law

S'pore cannot be bought.

May 8, 10:40 pm

682 summons issued for pigeon feeding offences in S'pore in last 3 years

Those caught feeding pigeons can be fined up to S$500.

May 8, 05:12 pm

Low Thia Khiang: Fake news bill has hidden political agenda to clamp down on online critics

Low: The proposed bill was "disappointing" and "surprising".

May 8, 03:08 pm

Fake news law will also apply to closed platforms like WhatsApp & Telegram

Such platforms have been deemed to be public megaphones akin to open platforms.

May 8, 03:04 pm

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