Interest earned from CPF Life is shared among members, cannot be bequeathed

The interest earned goes to all CPF Life members.

April 2, 09:49 pm

228 accidents involving PMDs were reported in 2017 & 2018: Khaw Boon Wan

Of these 228 cases, 196 of them reported injuries.

April 2, 07:13 pm

S'pore govt bill to fight online falsehoods met with criticism

Critics fear that the laws proposed under the bill could lead to repression.

April 2, 05:18 pm

Recent deaths of 2 SAF servicemen "unrelated to service": Ng Eng Hen

The State Coroner found that both deaths were "deliberate acts of suicides".

April 2, 05:14 pm

Doxxing in S'pore can result in S$5,000 fine & up to 12 months' jail

Online vigilantism has become a higher stakes game.

April 2, 04:59 pm

"Fake news Bill": Will your next Facebook post land you in jail?

You can still criticise the government.

April 2, 04:53 pm

Ban on e-cigarettes in S'pore will not be reviewed

MOH says e-cigarettes are not effective in reducing tobacco addiction.

April 2, 02:35 pm

Criminal record of driver who filmed PM Lee's son revealed in public's interest: Shanmugam

He directed the police to release the suspect's criminal antecedents without revealing his name.

April 2, 12:31 pm

Shanmugam quashes "dark suggestions" that Watain ban was due to a Christian "hold on the Government"

Shanmugam stated that it was the duty of the Minister for Home Affairs to make decisions based on national interest.

April 1, 09:50 pm

All your questions about the Deliberate Online Falsehoods bill, answered


April 1, 07:56 pm

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