Midges flying into food & people's faces at Pandan Reservoir area due to outbreak

Nice to midge you, not.

September 6, 12:39 am

New environment law compels businesses to reduce e-waste, packaging & food waste

Pulau Semakau is not a landfill but a land full of treasure now.

September 5, 12:21 pm

S'pore's 'throwaway culture' exists because things damaging to the environment are underpriced: NMP

In the past, we recycled and reduced waste out of necessity, because we couldn't afford to waste. Now, we don't bother, because we can.

September 4, 09:54 pm

Illegal for foreigners to work as Grabfood & Foodpanda riders: MOM

Action will be taken against those who do so.

September 4, 06:23 pm

Shanmugam: MHA can activate police powers banning videos & photos of ongoing terrorist attack

These powers are not available for ordinary circumstances.

September 4, 01:39 pm

Less than 50% of S'porean parents take maximum childcare leave allowance: MSF

The figure is rising, very slowly.

September 3, 09:04 pm

Lee Bee Wah asks if DNA testing can solve high-rise sanitary pad littering problem

'I have seen soiled sanitary pads on the roof of covered walkways and on the floor.'

September 3, 07:10 pm

Chan Chun Sing: S'pore economy not greatly affected by Hong Kong protests. Yet.

However, if the situation persists, the impact on Singapore could be bigger.

September 3, 06:54 pm

Employees in S'pore will get higher compensation payouts more quickly for workplace injuries

The changes kick in on staggered dates starting Jan. 1, 2020.

September 3, 05:52 pm

Surveillance cameras caught 2,200 high-rise litterbugs between Aug. 2012 & Dec. 2018

52 of these were repeat offenders.

September 3, 05:32 pm

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