In 1994, LKY suggested S'poreans aged 35-60 & married with kids should get 2 votes

Their contributions to the economy and to society would be 'greatest at this stage of life', he said.

August 15, 07:12 am

Joseph Conceicao, ex-Katong MP & ambassador to Soviet Union, dies at 95

He was present at the inauguration of the PAP.

August 14, 07:16 pm

65% of S'porean fathers did not take govt-paid paternity leave in 2018

The take-up rate of paternity leave is expected to increase.

August 7, 01:28 pm

Only 34% of S'pore households switched electricity retailer even though there are cheaper options

Consumers might be uncertain about newer players.

August 7, 11:35 am

S'pore employees legally entitled to at least 7 days annual leave, no plans to increase

MOM says workers are also given other forms of leave like childcare leave and sick leave.

August 7, 09:23 am

Vivian Balakrishnan: No reported injuries among the 15,000 S'poreans in Hong Kong

Remember to buy travel insurance.

August 6, 04:41 pm

S'pore commuters might be able to flag down a Grab or Go-Jek ride in future

New rules for a fast-growing sector.

August 6, 04:07 pm

S'pore govt will focus on 'promoting use of reusables' over banning single-use plastic

Singapore would continue to study how other countries manage disposables.

August 6, 03:46 pm

Ong Ye Kung: Around 4% of foreign students in S'pore default on their bonds

Gaming the system.

August 6, 03:34 pm

S'poreans eating 9g of salt & 60g of sugar a day

Consumption levels of salt and sugar are a cause for concern.

August 6, 12:39 pm

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