A&W restaurant hiring managers in east S'pore

Curly fries and root beer float, here we come.

May 22, 2018

Circles.Life offering $0/month 1GB data plan for new users when they sign up


6 mins

Mahathir's wife Siti Hasmah praised for carrying S$42.20 Marie Claire handbag

Modesty is a refreshing change.

16 mins

Cuteness overload: Hello Kitty Shinkansen set to run in Japan for limited time

It even has an original Hello Kitty melody.

34 mins

What if HDB flats actually cannot fund retirement? Oh no?

Homes for retirement? Who pays?

3 hours

Najib's lawyers quit night before ex-PM gives statement at anti-corruption agency

Najib has presented himself to the agency on Tuesday morning, May 22.

4 hours

Someone actually made a video called SMRT CEO Conversion Course

It's like rifle assembly and stripping.

12 hours

Bangkok airport scam: 14 S'poreans allegedly asked to pay S$3,160 fine for carrying too much alcohol

Fine negotiated down to S$1,390.

13 hours

Police counted tens of millions of ringgit from 11 bags of cash seized from KL Pavilion Residences

Tiring process.

15 hours

‘The Singaporean Dream’ board game to crowdfund S$10,000 for production

Pay money to buy a game about paying money.

19 hours

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