Taiwanese student casually caresses & gives head scratches to 42cm-long pet centipede

He got it in 2014 when it was just a fraction of its size.

January 23, 06:25 pm

German exchange student at NUS shocked by chope culture & finds it "really selfish", S'poreans gently explain

A different perspective.

January 22, 12:17 pm

Irvins S'pore now has salted egg pineapple tarts & crunchy rolls for Chinese New Year

Salted egg will never die.

January 21, 08:22 pm

My Melody-themed run coming to Sentosa May 12, 2019


January 18, 08:44 pm

How to Train Your Dragon collectible cups will be available in S'pore from Jan. 24, 2019

How to empty your wallets faster.

January 18, 05:33 pm

Want Want Hot Kid milk beverage & biscuits snack pack available in Taiwan for S$1.70

Time to relive your childhood.

January 16, 01:49 pm

S$100,000 Hunt The Mouse gold coin clues can point to Sin Ming area as hiding place

This article wasn't published before the gold coin was found as it might have caused a stampede there.

January 15, 11:42 pm

A no-holds-barred review of the bottled peach bubble tea from 7-Eleven

We try the viral food items for the week, but at what expense?

January 10, 06:28 pm

Sneak peek of Don Don Donki City Square outlet opening Jan. 11, 2019, largest outlet in S'pore


January 10, 04:48 pm

Marie Kondo & her 5 tips for tidying up from her Netflix show

I already had trouble organising this article.

January 9, 05:49 pm

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