Man who pre-ordered iPhone 11 jumps to first in queue at Apple Orchard, ahead of hundreds who waited overnight

The customers trooped in in a single file when the store opened.

September 20, 03:48 pm

S$3,088 Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out in S'pore on launch day


September 19, 06:43 pm

McDonald's S'pore bringing back Hershey's soft serve on Sep. 23, free Hershey's McFlurry from Sep. 20-22

Long queues in 3, 2, 1...

September 19, 10:43 am

NUS graduate shares story of losing mother to cancer & struggles to make it to university


September 18, 02:12 pm

1-for-1 Xing Fu Tang bubble tea at Compass One from Sep. 13-15, 2019


September 13, 10:21 am

iPhone 11 inspires hilarious memes on its camera lenses

Surprised Pikachu on steroids.

September 12, 06:19 pm

Sesame Street pop-up cafe in S'pore from Sep. 26 to Dec. 29, 2019

Om nom nom.

September 11, 08:57 pm

S’pore bakery offers to pay retail assistants S$1,360 per hour, crushes dreams after correcting typo

Rolling in the dough.

September 11, 07:58 pm

Loyal iPhone user, who doesn't know what she's doing, reviews Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+

Loyalties were tested.

September 7, 09:09 pm

'Snorlax' girl from Omegle chat posts in Subtle Asian Traits, cried when meme first went viral

She still gets people messaging her about it every couple of months

September 7, 09:39 am

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