S'pore GrabFood driver records personalised message with Yiruma music at 5am to update customer

Made her day.

March 26, 11:04 am

Overwatch's latest hero, Echo, is a Singlish-speaking robot made by a S'porean character

Win liao lor.

March 23, 02:16 pm

Season 2 of Netflix's 'Kingdom' did not live up to Season 1. Fight me.

Overall still a great series, 8/10 would recommend.

March 23, 12:48 pm

Supermarket in Denmark uses clever price trick to stop sanitiser hoarding. It worked.


March 18, 06:53 pm

Limited edition ghost pepper potato chips available at 7-Eleven S'pore for S$1.80

Too hot to handle.

March 17, 02:38 pm

TikTok user starts 'coronavirus challenge' by licking airplane toilet seat


March 16, 02:11 pm

SCDF firefighters have to carry up to 60kg of equipment while in action

Heavy weight on their shoulders.

March 12, 04:36 pm

Japanese model converts old bra to face mask using only thread & needle

Getting creative.

March 9, 01:55 pm

Bukit Merah West Police fighting crime with dank memes

They protecc. They attacc. But most importantly, they got sick meme stacc.

March 7, 12:28 am

Peach blossom drinks & merchandise available at Starbucks S'pore from Mar. 9, 2020

There's also an exclusive Vera Wang collection.

March 6, 01:39 pm

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