S'porean guy advertises his CNY boyfriend service from S$88, +S$58 for BTO status

He later edits his post to say that he's just kidding.

January 23, 06:25 pm

CEO's pet rabbit flew business class from San Francisco to Japan

Living the high life.

January 21, 11:26 am

Full menu of Jay Chou's favourite bbt shop opening in S'pore Jan. 18, 2020

First look.

January 16, 08:39 pm

Original designer accuses S'pore web store of copying 'Woman Yelling at a Cat' red packet design

From salad cat to copycat.

January 16, 05:41 pm

Bangkok's Chatuchak Market coming to S'pore, Feb. 4 to May. 3, 2020


January 16, 03:18 pm

Hello Kitty flasks available in 7-Eleven Thailand for less than S$12

Time to go to Thailand.

January 16, 12:38 pm

Red packets with 'Woman Yelling at a Cat' design now available in S'pore

Money for vegetals.

January 15, 02:44 pm

Wide range of merchandise available at official Liverpool Football Club store in Bugis Junction

Liverpool fans, rejoice.

January 13, 12:21 pm

Up to 70% off steamboat items in Jurong sale from Jan. 11, includes abalone, wagyu & more

Just in time for Chinese New Year.

January 6, 06:32 pm

Pandan bubble tea made with pandan jam available at HeyTea S'pore for S$7.80

Drinking kaya.

January 2, 04:23 pm

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