No-holds-barred review: Our experience getting IKEA's 12-inch hotdog for S$1

Does longer equal better?

Livia Soh | April 27, 2023, 03:23 PM

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IKEA’s anniversary celebrations will run from Apr. 27 to May 1, which also means that the exceptionally long 12-inch hotdog is now on sale.

You can purchase the 12-inch hotdog from the Swedish Bistro at all three IKEA outlets in Singapore.

12-inch vs. regular hotdog

The extra long hotdog is affordably priced at S$1.

The protein might be extra long, but the bun remains the same size as the regular one.

This is how they compare:

Photo via IKEA Singapore

Queue was much longer than 12-inches

We went down to IKEA Tampines to get our hands on the anniversary special.

A long queue had already formed by 11:30am, just 30 minutes after the store’s opening.

Photo by Livia Soh

Photo by Livia Soh

Photo by Livia Soh

Unfortunately, the queue moved rather slowly, and it took us about an hour before we finally got the hotdog.

On the bright side, there were IKEA staff distributing Daim chocolates to those in the line.

Photo by Livia Soh

How long is it really?

This is the 12-inch hotdog compared to my 14-inch MacBook.

Photo by Livia Soh

That is one lengthy hotdog.

Photo by Livia Soh


The 12-inch hotdog is a whole-ass meal. It was very filling, as expected given its extra large size. Lunch was unnecessary afterwards.

As for its taste, it's just like any other hotdog bun, but the hotdog was saltier than usual and the bun was kinda dry. The only special thing is how long it is.

I guess size does matter after all.

It is a little awkward to eat the 12-inch hotdog in public. But if you do, try not to make eye contact with anyone.

Another tip you can try is to eat it sideways.

Besides the 12-inch hotdog, there are also other activities and promotions during this period — check them out here:

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