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S'pore policewoman, 28, fulfils childhood dream of 'fighting bad guys', now tasked with guarding Woodlands

Thanks for keeping Singapore safe and secure.

September 16, 03:13 am

What it's like to have dementia: losing friends, talking in circles & a slow descent into darkness

What would you do if you knew you were slowly losing all sense of self?

September 14, 07:24 pm

80-year-old Teochew pastry baker holds same job for 67 years, passing the craft on before retiring

67 years is a lifetime.

September 9, 09:10 pm

S'porean buddies bike from Ang Mo Kio to 'New Asgard' in Scotland in 6-month challenge

Tough. But rewarding.

September 5, 05:46 pm

S'porean teacher who died from cancer gave hope to 'average' students from brand-name & neighbourhood schools

She saw her students as individuals worthy of value, and helped them see their own journeys to success.

August 31, 03:20 pm

Hope, worry & sacrifice: S'porean parents share what it's like to bring up a child with autism

Passers-by would stare disdainfully when their son had a public meltdown.

August 29, 11:14 pm

Pontianak reportedly observed the cast during filming for S'porean director's 'Revenge of the Pontianak'

This is Goei's first horror film.

August 25, 09:41 pm

How a S'porean painter spotted an odd-shaped vase & helped turn an ex-gang leader into an artist

He also made him drink so much tea he eventually ditched beer for it.

August 25, 12:01 pm

S'porean entrepreneur who worked in China for 4 years said she had to grow up quickly

She also found the Chinese to be a lot more driven than Singaporeans.

August 24, 03:09 pm

Ex-chef at S'pore Michelin-starred restaurant was once pwned by fishmonger at wet market

Pamelia Chia, who spent a year at Candlenut, talks about the stress of restaurant kitchens and the magic S'porean wet markets have to offer for cooking.

August 21, 09:37 am

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