Kim Kardashian trademarks "Kimono" for new underwear line, Japanese people perturbed


June 26, 04:04 pm

Ip Man actor Donnie Yen, 56, shows off intense kung fu moves in behind-the-scenes training video

Rapid fire punches intensify.

June 25, 06:24 pm

Quan Yifeng's daughter Eleanor Lee, 19, makes it big, asks mom to retire now

So sweet.

June 25, 03:46 pm

Shinsuke Nakamura, pro-wrestling's 'Artist', hopes to see Southeast Asians join WWE

The King of Strong Style has some good insights.

June 24, 06:00 pm

Show Luo allegedly cheated on girlfriend with 25-year-old Taiwan actress for half a year

Cherry Yu claimed she did not know that Luo was dating someone at that time.

June 21, 02:15 pm

S'pore actor Benjamin Heng's wife passes away in her sleep


June 18, 08:36 pm

Robert Downey Jr. wants to fight climate change & clean up earth with robotics & artificial intelligence

RDJ and Tony Stark are practically the same person??

June 10, 06:39 pm

S'pore actor Joshua Ang intends to make police report against negligent confinement nanny

His story was met with anger and outrage.

June 10, 03:37 pm

S'pore actor Joshua Ang opens up about 'nightmare' confinement nanny who landed newborn son in ICU

A heart-wrenching experience.

June 9, 03:41 pm

S'pore BTS fans buy banner at Dhoby Ghaut station to celebrate band's 6th anniversary


June 8, 12:21 pm

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