Lin Meijiao's daughter grew up in TV station with Mediacorp artistes, fangirled over Elvin Ng

Artistes would dote on her and chat with her in between their breaks.

December 3, 05:58 pm

PewDiePie's newly-bought house in Japan robbed, wife MarziaPie says 90% of valuables gone

Tough break.

December 3, 03:45 pm

Jet Li, 56, makes headlines with youthful appearance in IG Story at daughter's debutante

Looking good.

December 1, 12:30 pm

Donnie Yen confirms 'Ip Man 4' will be his final kungfu movie

End of a legend.

November 28, 06:00 pm

Mark Lee opens up on little-known gambling addiction that almost destroyed his career

He teared up while talking about it.

November 28, 02:54 pm

JJ Lin, Cyndi Wang & other celebrities grieve & pay tribute to late actor Godfrey Gao

'This is not how it's supposed to be.'

November 28, 01:01 am

Fans call for Chinese reality show 'Chase Me' to be cancelled after Godfrey Gao dies filming on set

One death too many.

November 27, 06:53 pm

Godfrey Gao reportedly had flu & worked 17 consecutive hours before he died


November 27, 06:35 pm

Godfrey Gao's rumoured 22-year-old girlfriend flying to China to bring his body back to Taipei

There were rumours that they had gotten engaged in 2017.

November 27, 02:53 pm

Paul Foster of S'pore Social denounces critics as 'haters' who are 'unhappy with their own lives'

He adds that there will be haters in every situation.

November 27, 12:43 pm

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