Korean star Ku Hye Sun reveals marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun failed as he didn't like her pointy bits

Nasty secrets are spilled when a divorce goes public.

August 22, 06:44 pm

JJ Lin gathers courage to approach unwitting fan in role reversal, says it's his 'first time' doing it

He was worried that the girls would not recognise him.

August 22, 12:03 pm

Tickets to JJ Lin's Dec. 2019 concert to start sale on Aug. 29

Get ready to camp for tickets.

August 19, 05:00 pm

Veteran S'pore actor Bai Yan passes away at 100

A life well-lived.

August 19, 11:06 am

Disney's Mulan actress Liu Yifei faces boycott calls after voicing support for HK police

No fairy tale ending for this story.

August 17, 01:06 am

Charmaine Sheh & Angelababy face backlash from Hongkongers after saying they love China

The inciting incident was the tossing of a PRC flag into Hong Kong waters.

August 16, 05:57 pm

Veteran Hong Kong TVB actress Ha Ping passes away aged 81

The prolific actress starred in more than 200 films and TV shows in the span of an almost-60-year career.

August 13, 04:29 pm

JJ Lin & Stefanie Sun perform impromptu "We will get there" duet on National Day

It was their first time appearing together on IG Live.

August 9, 05:18 pm

Andy Lau spotted flying economy class on Cathay Pacific, described as 'warm' & 'humble'

Economy class but his humbleness was all class.

July 28, 12:21 am

Joanne Peh is a ruthless brothel boss in Toggle's first M18 English drama


July 26, 02:24 pm

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