8 highlights from Star Awards 2024 for those who didn't sit through all 3 hours

Friendship bracelets, Onew, trophy-holding tutorial and shoutouts to pets.

Julia Yee | April 22, 2024, 12:06 AM



A number of interesting things happened at the annual Star Awards on Apr. 21.

In case you're prone to FOMO, we've rounded up some of the most memorable moments — enough to last you through a lunchtime conversation with someone who actually sat through the whole three-hour affair.

Without further ado, here's what you missed.

1. Dennis Chew wears 151 friendship bracelets

The ceremony kicked off with host Guo Liang apologising on behalf of his co-host Dennis Chew, who was late, saying it was due to his "not so long" legs.

This was followed by Chew calling out that it had nothing to do with the length of his legs but with the fact that he'd gone and gotten Taylor Swift friendship bracelets instead.

He said so while walking out like this:

Gif via Mediacorp

A close-up shot revealed four bracelets grasped in his hand.

Two of them read "Star Awards", and the other two bore his own name and Guo's name.

Image via Mediacorp

According to Guo, there were 151 bracelets on Chew's arms in total, bearing all of the 151 Star Awards 2024 nominees' names.

2. Onew speaks Mandarin

K-pop idol Onew dropped by to give a live performance of "You Are My Everything" and "Your Scent".

But before that, he helped Chew present the "Most Popular Rising Star" awards to three winners.

"Are you ready? We help each other. You give the awards, I read out the names," Chew said.

"Okay," the SHINee member replied.

He read off the script with a sheepish smile: "红星大奖 two thousand twenty four (Star Awards 2024), 最受欢迎潜力星 Most Popular Rising Star."

He leaned over to Chew for some assurance when pronouncing the last part.

Gif via Mediacorp


3. Mark Lee gives tutorial on holding the trophy

When Mark Lee received the Special Achievement Award and finished delivering his acceptance speech, he realised he had 30 seconds left to spare.

"I won't waste this time," he said.

He decided to spend it by giving some useful tips to fellow award recipients.

"Remember that you must hold the trophy like this when you receive the award," he said.

Gif via Mediacorp

You should not hold it like this:

Gif via Mediacorp

"If you give your speech and shake the trophy at the same time, next year, the award will shake all the way to someone else's house. So you must hold it steady, then start to thank people. I tell you, next year, you'll be able to come on stage and receive it again."

"Believe me, I've observed this for many years," the industry veteran said.

Later during the night, when Xixi Lim got her award for "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes", Lee reminded her to use the "right trophy-holding technique":

Gif via Mediacorp

4. Ya Hui tells her parents they can go sleep

Ya Hui won the "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" award.

The first persons she wished to thank were her parents.

Switching to dialect, she then quipped: "Dad, mum, I got the award. You all can go to sleep now."

Image via Mediacorp

5. Zhu Houren is confused by an off-shoulder dress

Kym Ng won "Best Actress" for her role in the romantic comedy-drama "Till The End".

Zhu Houren helped her out of her seat but got a bit confused over her outfit choice.

With good intentions, Zhu tried to adjust the sleeve of Ng's dress onto her shoulder.

Gif via Mediacorp

He seemed not to know that an off-shoulder dress was supposed to be off-shoulder.

6. Chen Bolin congratulates absent winner

Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin took the stage to present the "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" award.

He announced Chen Biyu's win but was unaware that she was not in attendance.

Bolin glanced around the audience in confusion when he couldn't spot Biyu coming to the stage.

Image via Mediacorp

The camera showed the audience looking around for Biyu until Chew informed everyone that she was busy at work.

"She asked you to help her deliver her acceptance speech," Guo joked.

Bolin tried pretending to do so but couldn't keep a straight face.

Gif via Mediacorp

7. James Seah thanks his dog

During his acceptance speech for "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes", James Seah gave a shoutout to his Chihuahua, Moon Stone.

"Moon moon, daddy won an award!"

Image via James Seah's Instagram

He also thanked his mother and wife.

8. Jeremy Chan thanks his cats

Following Seah's shoutout to his dog, fellow "Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes" recipient Jeremy Chan thanked his two cats.

Image via Jeremy Chan's Instagram

He also thanked his family.

Annnnd that's it folks. Catch you again next year.

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