Chinese woman, 31, falls off 75m cliff while posing for photo at Indonesian volcano crater edge

She allegedly tripped over the long skirt she wore, causing her to lose balance and fall off the cliff.

Amber Tay | April 24, 2024, 02:31 PM



A 31-year-old Chinese woman fell from a cliff and died when posing for a photo at the Ijen crater located in East Java province, Indonesia, on Apr. 20, 2024.

Went to see sunrise with her husband

Huang Lihong and her 32-year-old husband Zhang Yong were on a tour to see the famous "blue fire" volcano, according to Chinese news outlet Hongxing News.

The tour guide brought the couple to the Ijen Crater at around 4am, where they climbed to the edge of the crater to watch the sunrise.

The tour guide said he repeatedly warned the couple of potential safety hazards by standing near the crater, but Huang insisted on going closer as she had seen photos taken by her friends at the same spot.

Huang had first chosen to take the photos at a distance of approximately two to three metres away from the crater.

She edged closer to the crater, hoping to get closer to a tree behind her for a better shot.

She reportedly tripped over the long skirt she was wearing, losing her balance and falling off the cliff.

Indonesian police said Huang fell off a cliff approximately 75 meters high and was found dead at the scene.

Photo via Hongxing News

Photo via Hongxing News

Huang's body will be transferred to a hospital in Bali, where her family will be able to make arrangements to bring her body back to China.

Top image via Canva and Hongxing News.