S'porean influencer Kim Lim on good terms with ex-husband, opens up about mental health

Revealing more of her personal life.

Wong Li Jie | April 11, 2024, 05:58 PM



On the latest episode of YouTube series "Kim Lim Tells All," the local influencer revealed that she has remained close friends with her first ex-husband, also the father of her child.

Some context: Kim Lim, 32, is a billionaire heiress and founder of beauty brands Illumia and Papilla.

Lim's also the star of local influencer Xiaxue's tell-all web series, "Kim Lim Tells All", which sheds light on various facets of Lim's personal life and premiered five months ago on Nov. 9, 2023.

Lim and her ex-husband "still friends"

The influencer was married to Kho Bin Kai, in 2016 for over three years. Lim gave birth to her son Kyden a year later in 2017.

In the interview, Lim denied rumours that it was a shotgun marriage, and shared that, at the age of 25 then, she had already wanted to have children. 

Her family also reacted well to her pregnancy.

The eventual divorce came about as a mutual agreement, Lim shared, as their life goals slowly diverged.

Around the ages of 26 and 27, Lim was ready to embark on the creation of her beauty empire.

Meanwhile, Kho just wanted a simpler life, Kim said.

"We're still friends till today," Lim adds. "We support each other. I still love him a lot [...] A very good father, he takes care of Kyden a lot."

On mental health and self-love

Xiaxue also asked Lim about her struggles with mental health, which she was very candid in sharing.

Lin's mental health reportedly took a hit during her second marriage, with IT entrepreneur Leslie Leow.

She has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Lim explains that symptoms include extreme mood changes that are triggered by external stimuli.

For her, that stimulus "used to be" love, "before the second (marriage) ended".

She also joked that now that she's shifted her focus to her career and become more independent, her love life "sucks".

But at least that means she's been giving herself the space that her mental wellness needs.

Her takeaway from all of this?

"You have to learn to be at peace and learn to love yourself," she said.

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Top photos from Xiaxue/YouTube and kimlimhl/Instagram.