Ann Kok, 50, wins her 10th & final Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award


Yen Zhi Yi | April 09, 2023, 11:15 PM

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Actress Ann Kok has won her 10th "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes" award at this year’s Star Awards.

She had been nominated for the award 11 times in her acting career from 1995 to 2023.

The 50-year-old recently starred as a head nurse in a Mediacorp medical drama "Healing Heroes".

With the 10th trophy, Kok has officially "graduated" from the category, and will be eligible for the All-Time Favourite Artiste award the following year.

Graduation speech

“I’m very happy, I have finally graduated,” Kok said, before expressing her gratitude to those who gave her the opportunity to act in her latest drama.

Image via Mediacorp

She also thanked her supporters and friends for taking the time to vote for her, as well as her fan club for their passionate support.

“Lastly, I want to say that, because of you guys, I was able to receive my 10th trophy from the hands of Jam Hsiao. Hence, my award trophy has even become more significant, my perfect 10.”

Free ice cream for everyone?

In a post-show interview with the media, Kok was asked whether she would be giving everyone free ice cream since she won the award.

Earlier this week, Kok had collaborated with a cafe to give away 100 scoops in appreciation of those who have been supporting her.

“Yes, yes, yes…everyone will have one, regardless if you voted for me or not," she quipped, noting that there was actually a misunderstanding that the giveaway was only for those who voted for her.

"If you didn’t vote for me, you can still get it, don’t worry. Thank you everyone who has been supporting me for the past 30 years. Thank you very much.”

Kok also told everyone to keep a lookout for the details of her upcoming ice cream giveaway on Instagram.


Top images via Lee Wei Lin & YouTube/Mediacorp