'No generation gap': Mdada 'surprised' at Pornsak speaking out on 'concerns' after leaving company


Lee Wei Lin | January 06, 2023, 10:47 AM

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E-commerce company Mdada has issued a statement to express that they are "deeply disappointed" about Pornsak speaking to the media about his decision to leave the company "without first giving them a proper chance to address his alleged concerns".

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The statement, which was first shared on Mdada's page, was later posted by Addy Lee on his social media platforms.

Pornsak, Lee and Michelle Chia founded Mdada in 2020.

No generation gap

The statement highlighted an interview Pornsak did with AsiaOne, in which he apparently attributed -- at least in part -- his departure to a "generation gap", along with "vast differences" in their points of view, "especially when it came to corporate governance".

In response, Mdada said that they were "surprised" by these statements, and summarised their response into a few points:

  • Pornsak did not mention any of this when he resigned as director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mdada
  • They find it "unclear" what generation gap Pornsak is referring to as he will turn 41 this month, while Lee and Chia are 51 and 47 respectively.
  • They are "deeply concerned" by any indication that "Mdada or its key shareholders are in any way untrustworthy with customers' purchases or orders, or that Mdada is lacking in corporate governance".

They also pointed out that Pornsak, who was Mdada's CEO until recently, would have been in charge of the "proper execution of Mdada's operations (including the management of customers' orders and customer expectations, as well as corporate governance)".

Wishes Pornsak well

Calling Pornsak's decision to air the matter publicly "hurtful", they shared that this has "affected Mdada's reputation and value" and "hurt Michelle, Addy and all employees of Mdada who work tirelessly to serve [their] loyal customers and fans".

They added that they will "investigate these matters", but wish Pornsak well.

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