'Is it because I'm Chinese?' Go-Jek passenger allegedly had to pay S$2 ERP fee to go from Toa Payoh to Coleman Street

The child of the taxi driver who subsequently picked her up made this claim.

Belmont Lay | February 02, 2019, 02:23 AM

Singapore, for the past 24 hours and more, has been in the throes of a super trending video first published late on Jan. 31.

The video features a Go-Jek woman passenger accusing the driver of kidnapping her, because she didn't want to pay the ERP charges and didn't know what alternative route to take to her destination.

It ended with the Go-Jek driver going to Toa Payoh Lorong 4 in the hopes of finding a police station there to make a report.

The passenger, who was picked up at about 7am on Tuesday, Jan. 29, had wanted to go from Block 251 Bishan Street 22 towards Coleman Street.

Two main updates

There has been two main updates to the story so far.

First update

Firstly, the driver explained that after the video was cut off, the passenger and him were attended to by a Certis Cisco officer in Toa Payoh.

This was an update provided by the 49-year-old driver, Kamaruzzaman Abdul Latiff:

“Ok, when I reached AETOS STATION she was making a lot of noise till Cisco officer talks to her. She quickly hails a cab (Trancab) trying to get away but stop by Cisco officer. They ask her for particular but she refuses to give them. So Cisco advice me to make a report as they will also have their own report and tell me I can come over if I need any help from them.”

Second update

Secondly, Kamaruzzaman explained to the media that he was seeking police help at that time, because the woman was accusing him of a serious crime of kidnapping.

He also said he knew that it was wrong to take a video of the passenger, but he did so anyway to protect himself.

The end of the viral video showed the passenger speaking with the Certis officer, where she made the following utterance that will go down in history and seal her fate: "Is it because I'm Chinese?"

What allegedly happened eventually

Now, an update has emerged on what happened to the passenger after getting out of the Go-Jek ride in Toa Payoh.

This new revelation is according to three new HardwareZone forum posts on Feb. 2 -- which means the posts can be taken with a pinch of salt if you are the disbelieving kind.

It has been alleged in the three posts that the "Is it because I'm Chinese" woman passenger then flagged a taxi in Toa Payoh Lorong 4 to proceed to Coleman Street.

But before she took off from Toa Payoh, the cab was allegedly stopped by three Cisco officers, who then asked the woman not to leave.

The situation was cleared up when a fourth Cisco officer showed up and allowed the woman to leave -- provided she give her statement later on.

Who provided this new info?

All of these details were recounted in the HardwareZone forum by an original poster, who claims to be the child of the taxi driver who picked up the woman after the Go-Jek ride ended.

The best part?

The woman passenger could not avoid the ERP gantry after all, and ended up having to pay S$2 as ERP fee to get to Coleman Street.

Her final fare allegedly came up to S$17, but she only had S$16 with her.

But she did offer to pay the taxi driver the remaining S$1 via a fund transfer, but he just waived the outstanding amount.

This was what the posts said:

via HardWareZone forum

via HardWareZone forum

via HardWareZone forum

It has to be noted that the poster signed up a new member account on the forum just to post these three updates.

So, this three posts can be dismissed as sheer trolling, but if true, it would be hilarious.

And way too much trouble for everyone on a Tuesday morning.