GOMO by Singtel is paying you S$1,000 to speak for 20 minutes as an Instagram live host

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot your shot at being an influencer, now’s your chance.

Julia Yeo | October 19, 2020, 09:00 PM

Back in 2005, nobody thought you could make a living by making videos at home, talking about anything under the sun to a bunch of people on the Internet.

Then YouTube happened.

In 2007, YouTube started its Partner Program, allowing content creators to monetise their content through advertisements and sharing the revenue with the YouTubers.

Today, content creators not just on YouTube but on other social media platforms can also make a living through their work.

In fact, the newly-hatched industry has become lucrative enough that a university in Italy even tailored a three-year programme for social media influencing.

Doing “social media things” also a real job now

In Singapore, we’ve got our own growing market of influencers, and they’re paid pretty well too.

According to a 2018 article by Get Kobe, a local influencer could earn anywhere between S$75 to S$3,000 per Instagram post or possibly more, depending on how many followers they have.

With the pool of social-media savvy youths growing with time, online platforms are bound to expand their reach as well.

More young people will aspire to be the next Kylie Jenner or PewDiePie, considering the overwhelming success they’ve achieved through social media.

Get paid as an Instagram Live host

So, we’ve now established that you can get a job just by being proficient in social media.

Enter GOMO.

No, we’re not asking you to sign for another mobile plan under Singtel.

GOMO is hiring a resident host for its Late Night Convo with GOMO to conduct Instagram Live sessions together with a guest speaker.

Late Night Convo with GOMO is a content series featuring inspiring personalities in Singapore and from across the region. Brought to you by millennials, for millennials, this series hopes to bring forth important issues relevant to youths and kick-start important conversations within the community.

S$1,000 per 20-minute session for six sessions, you’ll be able to earn a total of S$6,000 from the series.

Not only that, you’ll be handpicked as the top five participants by the panel of judges including Pam from SGAG, Sylvia Chan and Aiken Chia from NOC, covering a wide range of topics from tips on adulting, career guides, environmental sustainability and passion.

Here’s how you can participate in GOMO’s recruitment:

Step 1: Post a 1-2 min video clip on Instagram, vlog-style showcasing your personality, sharing why you will be a good fit for GOMO, and hashtag #LateNightConvoWithGOMO.

Step 2: The top 10 entries will be shortlisted based on personality fits for GOMO

Step 3: Top 10 hosts will then be contacted to upload a 5-10 mins video hosting clip with a guest speaker and further hone their hosting capabilities

Step 4: The panel of judges will then narrow down the top 5 hosts.

Final Step: Top 5 users will be notified to rally votes from the public. The winner will be chosen by a popularity vote.

As GOMO’s resident host, you will be hosting six Instagram Live sessions in total, once every fortnight.

You’ll be given a one topic to cover during each session, together with a guest speaker who will be the co-host of the night.

Topics you’ll be covering during the live sessions would largely centre around common concerns and issues that Gen Z young adults face these days, such as job hunting in the middle of a pandemic, and environmental sustainability.

Phase 1 recruitment ends on Oct 31 2020.

Yup, that’s it.

Check out GOMO by Singtel’s Instagram page for more details on the gig.

This sponsored article makes this writer really surprised at how much people are earning from doing things on social media.

Top image via Instagram, Jessie J/IG, JJ Lin/IG