Couple riding nightclub Marquee’s ferris wheel provide glimmer of hope for S’pore’s low total fertility rate

Publicity stunt?

Mandy How | April 20, 2019 @ 05:32 pm


Marquee is the largest nightclub in Singapore.

The venue has photo booths, a three-storey slide, and an eight-armed ferris wheel.

Marquee S’pore, largest nightclub here opens on April 12, has ferris wheel & 3-storey-high slide

A ride on the ferris wheel provides a nice view of the dance floor.

However, it also appeared to have provided a nice view of the people riding on the ferris wheel.

Couple on ferris wheel

At least one couple had a different idea about what it means to ride in one of the pods.

Videos of the couple showed them giving some hope to Singapore’s low fertility rate.

Two videos of the adventure were shared on @edgarallanhoe42069‘s (one half of Youtiao666) Instagram stories.

The first video has been censored by us:


The couple on the ferris appeared fully clothed and looked less illegal than this couple or this other couple previously seen in public.

In the second video, other nightclub patrons could be heard cheering the couple on raucously as they disembarked from the ride (among other things):

It is not known if this was a publicity stunt.

But the nightclub surely would have seen this coming.

Top image via @edgarallanhoe42069 on Instagram

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