Ryan Tan 'no longer involved' with Night Owl Cinematics

New year, new beginning.

Karen Lui | January 21, 2022, 05:16 PM

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One of the biggest sagas last year was one involving the founders of YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), which erupted in October 2021.

It started when an anonymous Instagram account leaked screenshots and audio recordings, accusing NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan of verbally abusing employees, and eventually evolved into mudslinging between Chan and her ex-husband and co-founder Ryan Tan.

On Jan. 19, Tan shared an Instagram post to share his thoughts about his departure from the company with pictures to commemorate his time there.

"Thank you and goodbye"

In his "emo-as-I-look-back speech", the 33-year-old highlighted that he is "no longer involved with the company that [he] set up 3274 days ago".

Despite working "tirelessly" while "depressed", Tan shared that the experiences were things that he "would never trade anything for".

He highlighted "Food King", the food review series that he hosted with ex-talent Aiken Chia and YouTuber Dee Kosh, as one of the projects that he had made "amazing memories" while producing it.

The content creator also added that these moments allowed him "to escape the harsh realities and expectations" that he felt pressured to live up to.

While Tan expressed uncertainty about the onscreen reunion of the trio, namely himself, Chia, and Dee Kosh, he said he hoped so.

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A post shared by Ryan Tan (@ryanxgo)

Besides giving thanks and declaring to continue protecting and caring for those who remain in his life, he hoped that those who have left his life could "let go and move on too".

Here's the full transcript:

"Thank you and goodbye.

As many of you know, I am no longer involved with the company that I set up 3274 days ago. It’s Chinese New Year and, while I’m no Steve Jobs, here is my emo-as-I-look-back speech.

What started by accident became an opportunity to make Singaporeans laugh time and again.

We worked tirelessly day after day and year after year to make the best videos we could.

In fact, we spent much blood, sweat, and tears (literally at times) to get a giggle or two from our followers.

I went to places that I never imagined I would ever see, met wonderful people who I hope to meet again, and experienced things that I would never trade for anything else.

Trying to make people laugh while depressed was not the easiest. At some points, I gave up and didn’t care anymore.

I recall fondly the amazing memories I made while producing Food King videos.

I will never be able to explain how important those moments were-how they allowed me to escape the harsh realities and expectations that I felt I had to live up to.

I don’t know if you will ever see the trio again. But I hope so.

I would like to thank each and every person that I have had the privilege of knowing. I pray that you will cherish our memories together as you move on to pursue other treasured moments. I just think we were pretty lucky that the brief moments that our lives crossed paths have been immortalised in video.

So, after all the whining and complaining, I guess I can say that, yes, I am finally happier. While I am trying to catch up with the time I’ve lost, I will continue to protect and care for those who are still in my life. For those who have left, I sincerely hope that you can find it in your heart to let go and move on too.

Thank you so much."

Check out Tan's Instagram post here:

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A post shared by Ryan Tan (@ryanxgo)

Reactions and comments

Both fans and past and present colleagues alike have left comments on his Instagram page.

Most of the comments left by fans were positive and expressed support for Tan's future endeavours.

Here are the comments from past and present colleagues and collaborators:

  • Girlfriend, Cherylene Chan, 22, who is an influencer under Titan Digital Media

  • Ex-NOC talent and Reno King co-host, Isabelle Quek

  • Ex-NOC talent Grace Lim

  • Ex-NOC talent and Channel 5 actress, Rachel Wan

  • Ex-NOC talent and singer-songwriter Rao Zi Jie

  • Ex-NOC talent and personal trainer Gabriel Seow

  • Ex-employee Preston Yeo

  • Current NOC talent Anna En

  • Past collaborator Cheokboard Studios

We have reached out to NOC and will update when we receive a response.

Background of the NOC saga

On Oct. 8, an anonymous Instagram account @sgcickenrice shared leaked screenshots and audio recordings with allegations that Chan was verbally abusing employees.

On Oct. 11, NOC released a statement via its Instagram page, claiming that @sgcickenrice was harming its "good name" and will "vigorously pursue" its legal avenues to "achieve justice" for NOC.

@sgcickenrice subsequently received a cease and desist lawyer's letter from NOC and obtained pro bono lawyer representation.

On Oct. 13, Chan posted a lengthy apology on her Instagram page and announced her removal from NOC's line-up of artistes.

Ex-NOC talent Samantha Tan who was highlighted by @sgcickenrice as a victim of Chan's verbal abuse disputed Chan's apology note, specifically regarding her talent contract with NOC.

More allegations against Chan surfaced on an anonymous blog with more screenshots on Oct. 19.

On Oct. 21, the police, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) confirmed that they were looking into the matter.

On Oct. 23, Tan released a statement via his Instagram page, apologising for insensitive remarks on talents and revealing that there was an ongoing legal dispute between him and Chan.

On Oct. 24, influencer Xiaxue posted a two-hour-long video interview with Chan who explained her side of the story.

Former NOC talents and employees shared their responses to the video interview on Instagram.

On Oct. 25, Chan published a second apology on her Instagram page, saying that she was "fully cooperating" with the authorities and would be accountable for her actions.

On Oct. 27, Tan's girlfriend, Cherylene, released a statement to defend him against the allegations of his infidelity.

On Oct. 29, Xiaxue posted a TikTok video, alleging that a 20-year-old student Brandon was the admin of @sgcickenrice.

Brandon (also known by his handle @baerendang) admitted to the allegation and released his own lengthy statement.

On Oct. 30, Samantha shared a second statement on Instagram, claiming that she had no involvement in the leaked screenshots and @sgcickenrice.

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