NOC releases statement on recent allegations harming its 'good name', intends to pursue legal avenues

The accusatory social media posts are allegedly 'serious breaches of the privacy laws.'

Fasiha Nazren | October 11, 2021, 07:19 PM

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On Oct. 11, local YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) released a statement to address the recent allegations surrounding the company.

The four-page statement, which was written to address NOC's artistes, employees, clients, partners, and viewers, was published on its Instagram page.

Not "appropriate forum" to address allegations

Likely addressing the number of days since the allegations have surfaced, the company said that they had decided not to make a "hasty response" as it needed to "investigate the merits of such allegations."

Ultimately, NOC decided that this statement is nonetheless not the "appropriate forum" to address the allegations levelled at the company and its employees.

The company went on to stress that it has persevered to create a "safe environment" for its artistes and employees to express themselves in a creative and responsible manner.

However, it also acknowledged that inevitable discourse in expectations will create rifts that are "sometimes irreconcilable," relating it with "any fast-paced organisation which embraces innovation".

It added that NOC's internal standards call for a "high degree of professionalism, discipline and collaboration" for its teams.

Narrative to "harm good name"

The company claimed that the narrative on social media was cherry-picked and only had "one purpose", which apparently was to "harm the good name" of NOC.

"The excerpts that are published are cherry picked (sic) abstract communications between private individuals carefully showcased to paint a wholly negative picture."

It also said that the social media posts are allegedly "serious breaches of the privacy laws."

Those responsible will be investigated by the authorities, NOC warned.

On mental health position

According to the statement, the company was apparently branded as "charlatans" for its position on mental health.

However, it emphasised that the company does "not stigmatise nor oppress those with such conditions," and added that the leaders of the company have faced "daunting demons of mental health issues."

"Hence, it is especially disappointing to witness these efforts to put is in a negative light when our corporate policies support our valued Artistes and Employees with mental health issues over and beyond the industry practices."

The company added that it treats its team professionally and accepts their differences.

"Their unshaken loyalty to the company, their hard efforts in demanding and delivering quality work, their dedication to learn and grow together; these contributions from our valued employees shall be in no way disregarded or stepped upon by the words of a loud and faceless group who shroud themselves in anonymity."

Will "vigorously pursue" legal avenues

Aside from welcoming constructive feedback to "create a better atmosphere," the statement added that the company will also welcome any substantiated allegations to be tested before "appropriate forum(s)" such as in court or with the relevant government agencies.

It added: "We are certainly confident that these allegations will not be able to stand the test of truth."

The statement ended with the company saying that its lawyers are still reviewing the matters and will "vigorously pursue" its legal avenues to "achieve justice" for NOC.

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