Girlfriend of NOC's Ryan Tan releases statement defending allegations of his infidelity

Guess Porky and Mantou Honey are step-siblings.

Mandy How | October 28, 2021, 06:26 PM

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Cherylene Chan, girlfriend of Night Owl Cinematics' (NOC) Ryan Tan, has released an official statement defending him.

This comes after a close to two-hour interview that Tan's ex-wife and NOC co-founder, Sylvia Chan, did with Xiaxue.

In the interview, Sylvia had dropped a number of bombs about her relationship with Tan, including allegations of infidelity against him.

Sylvia also revealed that she felt manipulated by Tan, who is struggling with mental health issues, while caring for him as his wife.

Instagram statement

In response, Chan, who is a 22-year-old influencer with Titan Digital Media, put up an Instagram statement on Oct. 27.

She captioned in her post that her relationship with Tan was "revealed without [her] permission."

Social media users, however, have disagreed, pointing out that the couple had already gotten a puppy together in 2020, and addressed themselves as the dog's "mummy" and "daddy".

Chan apologised for her initially emotional response, and went on to address several points that Sylvia brought up.

Here's a summary of her statement:

  • Reiterated her claim that Sylvia's interview was "filled with a lot of lies"
  • Said that her relationship with Tan was not "[Sylvia's] story to tell"
  • Admitted that Tan was an emotional person who texts things he doesn't mean, but apologises for it and clears things up face-to-face
  • Added that Tan has not manipulated her using his mental health condition, and that Tan has never shown any sign of infidelity in their relationship
  • Said that she was speaking up for her traumatised friends
  • Felt that Tan and Sylvia's personal issues are overshadowing "pressing allegations" like workplace harassment and the alleged misappropriation of funds

You can read her statement in full here:

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