Glenn Yong vs Eleanor Lee: a 60-second summary of what's going on in the harassment case

Chronological recap.

Lee Wei Lin | August 13, 2022, 07:14 PM

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By now, you would probably have heard about the kerfuffle involving Singaporean actors Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee.

Yong is best known for his role in "Ah Girls Go Army", while Lee is Mediacorp host Quan Yifong's daughter.

For those of you who are still confused, here's a summary which will hopefully clear things up.

August 2021

According to Yong and Lee's respective statements, "some issues" between them began "sometime around August 2021".

March 2022

Yong posted a series of Instagram Stories to reveal that he was being harassed by an anonymous user online.

At the time, he shared that a police report had been made and that the alleged harassment had been going on for four to five months.

At press time, neither party has confirmed if Yong's Instagram Stories are related to the court case.

April 2022

The first of multiple Case Management Conferences (CMCs) between Yong and Lee took place.

The nature of the case was classified under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA).

Yong was listed as the claimant, and Lee the respondent.

The judiciary website explains that the claimant is the party who files the POHA application, while the respondent is the party against whom the application is filed.

Aug. 7, 2022

Mothership published report about the said court case, which has seemingly concluded.

All in one day

Things came to a head on Aug. 8, when both parties released their statements addressing the case.

The sequence of events were also rather fast-paced, after months of being on the down-low.

Basically, Yong and Lee were at odds with each other over their statements, which Mothership understands was supposed to be made jointly.

Aug. 8, 2022, approximately 12pm

Lee posted an Instagram Story addressing the situation, claiming that what happened was a "misunderstanding" and that the "disagreement" has been resolved with the help of their respective lawyers.

Aug. 8, 2022, approximately 1:45pm

Lee shared this Instagram Story:

Screenshot from Eleanor Lee's Instagram

Aug. 8, 2022, approximately 3:25pm

Yong uploaded a statement of his own on his Instagram Stories.

Notably, his version did not include the words "misunderstanding" and "disagreement".

Aug. 8, 2022, approximately 5pm

Lee removed her original statement from her Instagram Stories and posted one that is aligned with Yong's.

Aug. 8, 2022, approximately 6pm

Yong added this to his Instagram feed:

Screenshot from Glenn Yong's Instagram

In between, the two continued to trade not-so-subtle barbs on social media.

Including these:

Screenshot from Eleanor Lee's Instagram

Screenshot from Glenn Yong's Instagram

Aug. 11, 2022

Yong's legal rep responded to Mothership's query about the discrepancy between Lee's initial statement and Yong's.

The query was made on Aug. 8 to both parties' respective legal teams.

Lee's side has not responded to Mothership at press time.

Yong's rep said Lee posted the "wrong statement" and that what happened was "not a misunderstanding".

"Glenn['s] version was the one we jointly agreed on," the legal rep added.

Now you're up to speed.

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