Quan Yifong, 48, says she'll be staying off social media as she is 'slightly unwell'

The veteran host has also cut her hair for the sake of convenience while she recuperates.

Lee Wei Lin | August 04, 2022, 01:51 PM

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Mediacorp host Quan Yifong will be taking a break from social media to focus on her health.

The 48-year-old made the announcement on Instagram on Aug. 4, but has since removed her original post and replaced it with one that has a shorter caption.

This is her original post:

Screenshot from Quan Yifong's Instagram

Versus this is the one that is currently on her profile:

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A post shared by Quan Yifong 权怡凤 (@quanyifong)

What she said

In Quan's first post, she said that she will be mostly inactive on social media apart -- save for sponsored content -- as she is "slightly unwell" and "requires peace to recuperate for some time".

The host added that she might look "a little bloated or different" in the third season of her talk show "Hear U Out", which has just concluded filming.

She has also cut her hair "for the sake of convenience while (she) recuperates".

Quan ended her post by thanking her bosses at Mediacorp for their understanding.

On the other hand, the new post mentions that she is "slightly swollen" as the food she's been eating is "too good to waste", and that she will be inactive on social media as she is going on a break.

When Mothership reached out to Quan's manager, she simply said that the host is "taking a break and rest[ing]”.

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