Chantalle Ng hospitalised for a week after being allegedly beaten up by father Huang Yiliang when she was Primary 5

She said it was because he had received negative feedback about her academic performance from a tutor.

Karen Lui | September 24, 2021, 11:09 PM

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Chantalle Ng is the sixth guest on Quan Yi Fong's talk show "Hear U Out".

Other than being veteran actress Lin Meijiao's daughter, Ng has come into her own in her role as the loveable Mai Phuong Thao in Channel 8 series "My Star Bride".

During the talkshow, Ng delved into her estranged relationship with her father, former actor Huang Yiliang.

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No contact with father since Primary 5

The 25-year-old actress shared that much of her childhood unhappiness stemmed from her father.

Although this is clearly a sensitive subject for her, Ng remained calm as she discusses her childhood experiences with Quan.

According to Ng, her parents had split before she turned one year old.

As her mother had gained custody over her, she visited her father every Sunday.

"I feel that my father leans on the fiercer side, and perhaps his way of showing affection is a way that a child would find it hard to accept," she said.

Caption translates asm "Resisted against seeing her father when she was a child". Screenshot via meWATCH.

Ng confirmed that she has not been in contact with her father since Primary 5, which is around the age of 11.

She acknowledged the positive memories they shared when Huang brought her to engage in sports such as swimming, golf, and badminton, all of which he had taught her.

“It's just that sometimes, his temper can be volatile and I would not know when he would become angry."

Ng said she eventually asked her mother if she could stop seeing him as she would become very anxious the day before she saw him.

Her mother subsequently took her to meet a social worker, with whom Ng shared why she felt uncomfortable around her father and did not want to see him.

Hospitalised for a week after being beaten by father

The actress revealed that when she was in Primary 5, a major incident happened that made the news then.

She believes he may have been under a lot of stress at the time, which coincided with the approach of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Hence, he had arranged for her to be coached by numerous tutors.

"Perhaps he was eager to see his daughter excel, and perhaps he received some negative feedback from the tutor about my academic performance at that time, which made him angry. When he arrived at my home, he lost control and it ended up becoming a police case."

Ng explained that she was allegedly beaten by him to the extent that she "had to be hospitalised for about a week."

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According to the artiste, her father almost wanted to hit her mother when the latter tried to stop him, causing Ng to shout at him not to hit her mother.

Ng added that there weren't any more news reports after that as she believed the judge decided to protect her identity, seeing that she was still underaged then.

The Mediacorp artiste admitted that she has always been terrified of Huang since young, as she knew he could be easily provoked to demonstrate violent tendencies.

As it had become a police case, Ng had to testify in court.

Dabbing at her tears, she recounted how her mother decided to drop the case after seeing how stressed and terrified she was around Huang.

Caption translates as, "To avoid being hurt a second time, her mother did not pursue the case." Screenshot via meWATCH.

Tried to reconcile with him but remained fearful

Ng revealed that many elders told her to forgive him, as he is still her father after all.

As a result, she felt guilty during her secondary school days and tried to reconcile with him.

However, after meeting him once or twice, she remained fearful of him, and so she continued to distance herself from him.

"Even until now, I'm 25 years old, I'm still not ready."

However, Ng's face immediately lit up as the subject of discussion turned to her mother, whom she talked fondly of.

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Determined to prove naysayers wrong

Ng added that her determination to be outstanding stemmed from the naysayers who questioned her mother's parenting methods, including her father, who insisted that such parenting methods would not work.

"I want to prove to those who doubted my mother and that her parenting methods could nurture a very good child," she said.

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