Lin Meijiao's daughter grew up in TV station with Mediacorp artistes, fangirled over Elvin Ng

Artistes would dote on her and chat with her in between their breaks.

Tanya Ong | December 03, 2019, 05:58 PM

Chantalle Ng is a 24-year-old Singaporean actress with Mediacorp.

The daughter of veteran Mediacorp artist Lin Meijiao has been acting since 2013.

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Happy Mother’s Day cutie 😘

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But her experiences with TV go way back -- apparently when she was just five years old.

Childhood memories at the TV station

According to an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, Ng shared that much of her childhood was spent in the TV station as she would follow her mother to shoots.

Ng said:

"My mom is a single parent. She wanted to strike a balance between taking care of kids and work, so she brought me to work! The old TV station had this place called 'Studio 6', where I would do my work, watch TV, and chat with artistes who were taking a break there. A lot of my childhood was spent like that."

Many artistes would dote on her and give her food to eat, she said.

But one particular memory that stood out involved Richard Low, who took special notice of her schoolwork.

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Ng confessed that she disliked math and thought the subject was very difficult.

Thankfully, Low became somewhat like a tuition teacher to her, she said, and would help her with her math schoolwork.

Fangirled over Elvin Ng

Coming into close contact with different Mediacorp stars also meant that Ng had the chance to rub shoulders with her idols – Elvin Ng and Rui En.

She told the Chinese daily that she asked for their autographs and to take a photo with them the first time she met them at the TV station.

In the interview, she added that she still "feels excited" when she sees Ng:

"Actually... now even when I see Elvin Ng I still feel excited. Like, wa, after all these years he's still so handsome."

Recently, Ng also posted a photo on Instagram with Rui En, addressing her as her "idol":

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Took a photo with my idol Rui En today 😍 Thank you everyone for coming down to the roadshow! We are both styled by @rongg, thank you ❤️ Photographer: @edwininja #OldIsGold8 #老友万岁

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Father taught her how to swim at age 7

Ng shares a close relationship with her mother, and calls her a "superwoman".

However, she revealed that she hasn't had as much interaction with her father, Huang Yi Liang.

Although, according to the Lianhe Wanbao interview, she recalled that he taught her how to swim when she was seven years old.

Apparently, he had taken her straight to the adult pool to teach her how to swim — a memory she recalls every time she goes swimming:

"Usually parents bring the kid to the kid's pool to get them used to the water. But he took me straight to the adult pool to let me 'fend for myself' there. So scary! But this method allowed me to learn fast. Every time I swim, I will recall how I picked up the skill."

When asked about Huang's recent court case, however, she declined comment.


H/T: Lianhe Wanbao

Top photo via Instagram/Chantalle Ng


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