Eleanor Lee addresses harassment case with Glenn Yong, says it was a 'misunderstanding'


Mandy How | August 08, 2022, 01:04 PM

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You might be anticipating more details on the harassment case between Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee.

If so, you're probably in for a disappointment.

Yong, 26, is best known for his role in Jack Neo's "Ah Girls Go Army", while Lee, 22, is Quan Yifong's daughter and an actress.

A "misunderstanding"

Although the case has been going for quite a while now, both parties have remained relatively private about it.

A statement just released by Lee on the afternoon of Aug. 8, 2022 continues in the same vein.

The lines were posted to the actress' Instagram Stories, where it will expire in 24 hours unless pinned to her profile Highlights.

It addressed fans and friends, saying that it's been a "stressful past few months".

Lee said she is glad to be able to "finally shed some light" on the matter, but not much else surrounding the case was given away—the matter was simply framed as "issues [and] disagreements" between them.

Two additional tiny details: this had started as far back as August 2021, and Yong was addressed as a "colleague".

She then boiled the issue down to a "misunderstanding", which has since been resolved with the help of their lawyers.

The statement ended with Lee expressing her gratitude at the support and encouragement that she has received so far, as she turns her focus to honing her craft.

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Top image via Glenn Yong and Eleanor Lee's Instagram pages