Company in S’pore to stop working with NUS until male voyeur expelled

Company taking a public stand on this issue.

Belmont Lay | April 22, 02:56 am


One company in Singapore has put its foot down and publicly declared it will no longer work with the National University of Singapore.

The urban farm company, OnHand Agrarian, wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday, April 21, that it is issuing NUS with an ultimatum to expel the male perpetrator who had been found guilty of being a voyeur, or else, it will not resume working relationships with the institution.

What is the company asking for

In the strongly worded 116-word post, the company also said that it had made “the monumentally stupid decision” to compromise its product and clients by “allowing a criminal” to continue to use its facilities.

OnHand Agrarian had previously taken in NUS students for internships.

It then issued another ultimatum to another company operating in Singapore, making the same demand of having the male perpetrator expelled.

This was so as the male perpetrator is believed to have worked or is still working at that company.

The full post said:

This isn’t a case of he-said-she-said; The offender has literally admitted to the crime in writing, after voluntarily consuming a legal narcotic.

This is a for-profit entity that’s made the monumentally stupid decision to compromise it’s product and the clients who paid good money for the product, for absolutely no reason, by allowing a criminal to continue to use it’s facilities.

Therefore, Agrarian will suspend all dealings with #NUS until Nicholas Lim is expelled. No talks, no internships, no site visits, no use of our company when you need industry partners to be Co-PIs for government grant submissions.

Same goes to you #GreatEastern. Terminate the little shit or you’ll never get our corporate insurance business.


About the case

A 23-year-old NUS undergraduate, Monica Baey, took to Instagram to publicise her case where she was filmed by a fellow male student while showering in her hostel bathroom at NUS Eusoff Hall in November 2018.

According to Baey, she decided to go public now, almost six months later, as the case has run its due course after the authorities investigated — and concluded with consequences for the perpetrator that she felt were not commensurate with the severity of the crime.

He was given a 12-month conditional warning by the police, while NUS made him write a letter of apology.

He was also suspended for a semester, barred from entering halls and residences, and made to attend counselling.

Baey revealed that the perpetrator was at Eusoff Hall at that time he carried out his Peeping Tom act, as he was the boyfriend of a fellow female hall mate and had gained access to the premises.


The case initially blew up in Singapore when Baey revealed details on Good Friday, April 19, over social media.

NUS made the uncharacteristic decision to put out a statement on Saturday evening, April 20, to address the issue as it had by then been reported by overseas media.

Two petitions, started to call for harsher punishments to be meted out for perpetrators of such crimes on campus, received 3,300 signatures in its first day — and then they ballooned to more than 26,000 signatures within two days.

Past cases of sexual misconduct in NUS — about two dozen — were highlighted and reported, alongside the punishments meted out — none of which resulted in jail time.

Baey’s mother wrote in a comment on Facebook that she has given her daughter her blessing to pursue the case extra-judicially by going public with it on social media — not for revenge against the perpetrator, but to make campus a safer place for women.


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