Titus Low apologises for acting intimate with M'sian model Siew Pui Yi in TikTok video


Fiona Tan | October 06, 2022, 02:57 PM

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OnlyFans creator/ice cream cafe owner and now soon-to-be father, Titus Low, has been newly embroiled in an online saga.

Who's who

In an apparent collaboration with content creator Siew Pui Yi (better known as Ms Puiyi), Low can be seen behaving intimately with her in TikTok and Instagram videos.

Siew is a Malaysian model and influencer who has made headlines for her risqué dressing, amassing 19.5 million followers on Instagram for it.

While the videos with Low were brief, they did not go unnoticed by his fiancée and baby mama, Cheryl Chin.

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Low, 22 (going on 23 this year), and Chin, 21, got engaged in June 2022 after a whirlwind romance within less than a month of knowing one another.

In September 2022, the lovebirds announced that they are having a baby.

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Too close for comfort?

Now that you're up to speed, you may be wondering what the fuss is about.

Here's a quick timeline detailing what happened.

In the now-deleted video uploaded onto Siew's TikTok account on Oct. 4, Low and her can be seen acting intimately.

Siew is filmed leaning against Low's chest while he rests an arm on her shoulders.

Looking directly into the camera, she touches her lower lip as he gazes at her, before stroking her chin.

Image screenshot from @ms_puiyi/TikTok.

Titus also starred in a few of Siew's Instagram Stories on Oct. 4.

In one of the stories, the pair can be seen in the short video walking hand-in-hand in the vicinity of Merlion Park.

Image screenshot from @mspuiyi/Instagram.


Siew's videos have garnered attention from a lot of people.

This includes Chin, who commented on the video with a seemingly rhetorical question: "I guess this is content but there's boundaries, no? 😅"

The comment was later made unavailable.

Chin also posted a video onto her own TikTok account which is accompanied by the caption: "Nobody in the world deserves to go through this even if it was all for content."

She does not say much in the video but can be seen crying.

The videos were later removed.

Low a "very faithful man"

Low has come under fire for his behaviour in Siew's videos.

Many online have criticised Low, saying that his actions are unacceptable for someone who is engaged and has a baby on the way.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

However, Siew has defended Low in an Instagram Story on Oct. 4.

The model said that Low is not only "very loyal" but also has good manners, adding that he "kept [a] few feet apart from my girls crew and only walked with my videographer".

She also congratulated Chin's good fortune on landing herself a "very faithful man and a good father figure".

Chin reposted Siew's Instagram Story, thanking her for clearing the air and calling the latter a "strong woman" that raises other women up.

Image screenshot from @cherb8ar/Instagram.

These too were removed from the women's respective accounts.

A misunderstanding

More recently, Siew uploaded a video on TikTok confirming that she has deleted the videos with Low from her social media platforms and added that the other content she filmed with Low will likely not see the light of day.

"We (Siew and her management team) will not be uploading any collaborations or any teasers or any collaborations in any near future until the issues are resolved."

She said she has spoken to the couple, with several screenshots of her conversations with the couple attached in the video, and the trio has reached an understanding.

Image screenshot from @ms_puiyi/Instagram.

Siew said the entire incident is a misunderstanding and wished the pair all the best.

However, Siew also left a caustic comment in her own comments section.

Chin regrets video airing "dirty laundry"

Chin echoed Siew's words in her recent videos on TikTok, saying that the trio has since cleared the air in private.

Chin explained that there was a miscommunication between her and Low on the collaboration, but said she was aware that her husband and Siew would be collaborating for a YouTube video.

The influencer also apologised for airing her private matters online.

She urged those online to stop hating on Low and Siew and to move on from the incident and said she will be taking a break from social media.

TikTok of her crying was from a previous mental breakdown

Chin quickly returned to TikTok with another video a few hours later with further clarifications and an admission.

She started by saying that Low had informed her that he will be holding hands with Siew for the pair's planned YouTube video collaboration.

Next, Chin admitted that while she did react aversely to the intimate video of Low and Siew, the TikTok of her crying was from a "previous mental breakdown".

She was in a work meeting at that time when she saw the intimate TikTok of Low and Siew and had a breakdown which spiralled into a full "panic attack" in the workplace's toilet.

During this episode, Chin said she filmed herself while she was in a distraught state with the intention of making a TikTok stitch – a TikTok video that follows up to another video on the social media platform – in response to Siew's video.

However, she did not upload the video in the toilet as it was "really just plain bad", and instead chose to post a video of her crying from a previous, separate incident.

Saying she let her emotions get ahead of herself, Chin apologised for manipulating the public into thinking that she was "crying hysterically", and for dragging Siew into the picture.

With that said, Chin added that she stands behind what she felt at that time, claiming that she was indeed "very unhappy" and having a panic attack in the toilet.

Low apologises

Following the backlash, Low has also posted a TikTok video of his own to address the whole saga, with Chin sitting in the background.

He apologised to both women involved, as well as Siew's team and to the public.

Low thanked the public for their support and said he "will ensure that this will not happen again".

You can watch Siew's, Low's and Chin's latest TikToks below:

@ms_puiyi🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️♬ original sound - ms_puiyi

@cherb8ar☺️♬ original sound - cheryl

@tituslow❤️♬ original sound - Titus Low

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