M'sian influencer, 21, says she married Titus Low because he's patient & plays the piano

"I was like, simping. Basically I was like, 'I want to marry this man.'"

Mandy How | June 22, 2022, 10:48 AM

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OnlyFans creator Titus Low and his fiancée/ wife Cheryl Chin have answered the deluge of questions surrounding their surprise engagement/ marriage.

Posted on Jun. 18, the follow-up YouTube video is titled, "WE GOT ENGAGED IN 24 HOURS?! *Q&A*"

To recap, Low and Chin had met at the anniversary party of YouTuber JianHao Tan and his wife Debbie Soon.

The two got together shortly after, with Low proposing even more shortly after.

Why did they choose to get married?

Screenshot via Titus & Cheryl/YouTube

Screenshot via Titus & Cheryl/YouTube

In response to this question, 23-year-old Low simply said, "I guess we felt like it, we're so spontaneous, we're so similar in many ways. And it's hard to find an opportunity [like this] that comes by."

Chin, 21, elaborated that the proposal happened at a hotpot place at 4:20am, six hours after they had started dating officially.

While celebrating their first day together, Debbie [Soon, presumably] suggested, "Why not just get engaged?"

Low later attributed the proposal partly to peer pressure, in addition to his desire to be with Chin.

What made them so sure of each other?

"To be honest, I was just in a YOLO ("you only live once") mood," Chin said.

Besides making her happy, Low also has two other traits that Chin really appreciates: being patient, and being able to play the piano.

On a more serious note, however, Chin explained that she felt happy and comfortable with Low.

Screenshot via Titus & Cheryl/YouTube

On his end, Low also said Chin made him happy, and he saw the engagement as a new chapter of his life.

Low added elsewhere in the video, "I mean things felt right, that's why we decided to go ahead."

The two clarified that Chin is not pregnant, with them intending to let nature takes its course.

They emphasised that life is too short to be anything but happy.

On June 19, the couple pranked their followers that they had broken up:

After a fair bit of confusion, it was content as usual for Low, who uploaded a new video with more footage on the proposal and their wedding:

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Top photo via Titus & Cheryl/YouTube