Lee Jinglei accuses Wang Leehom of breaking into their house with 3 male staff, denies having mental issues

Breaking silence after three weeks, she slammed Wang Leehom for prioritising his reputation over their children's safety.

Karen Lui | January 12, 2022, 12:14 PM

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It's already 2022 but the mud-slinging between Mandopop singer Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Lee Jinglei hasn't stopped.

Following the latest allegations from a netizen who claimed to know Wang's staff member, Lee has broken her silence after close to three weeks.

Quick recap

Wang first announced his divorce from Lee on Dec. 15.

Two days later (Dec. 17, 2021), Lee shared a nine-page exposé, accusing Wang of multiple wrongdoings, including cheating on her, soliciting prostitutes, and having multiple friends with benefits (FWBs).

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On Dec. 23, 2021, Lee wrote what she believed to be the final post that would end the saga. By this time, Wang had also made a public apology to Lee and announced to take a hiatus from work.

On Jan. 6, 2022, a netizen claiming to know someone who works for Wang wrote a Weibo post, which shed some insight from the point of view of Wang, including allegations that Lee has psychological issues, and she might kill herself and the children if Wang retaliated too much.

On Jan. 11, Lee posted a nine-page letter on her social media pages in response to rumours about her alleged mental instability. She further accused Wang of prioritising his reputation over the safety of their children.

1) Mentally sound with no suicidal thoughts

On the fourth page of her letter, Lee explicitly clarified that she is "physically and mentally well", in response to the statement from the netizen who claimed that Wang's delayed response stemmed from their fear that she might commit suicide.

She added that her three children are still so young and she has plans to contribute greatly to society in the future.

There is no way that she would harbour any suicidal thoughts, the mother of three insists.

She ended the paragraph with a hint that her life might still be at risk:

"If anything happens to me, it will definitely not be suicide."

Lee also disclosed in her letter that Wang had told her that the staff member he was closest to in recent years has a criminal record and connections to the underworld.

She added that the person has also returned to Taipei and tried to meet her the day before (Jan. 10).

2) Refused to communicate with Lee directly

Lee shared about how the children remained excited to meet Wang as they "counted down to the day when Dad finally comes home, [and] discussed the things [they] can do together when Dad returns".

She added that the children looked forward to seeing Wang the moment they woke up.

She then shared an anecdote of how Wang refused to communicate with her directly in order to plan for his visit.

"When the children had gone to bed, I asked you what time would you arrive home the next day. You said, please ask the mediator who is in the U.S.. I said, can you just directly let me know? It’s very late, I’m very tired and would like to sleep, there’s a time difference in the U.S., the children look forward to seeing you in the morning so I don’t wish to disappoint them, please show up, please let me know what time you will return. I finally received the mediator’s reply that night at 12:30am, he had forwarded a text message from you, saying you will bring two staff members that the children are familiar with back home."

3) Insisted on bringing unfamiliar male staff home

Lee said she clearly expressed that she felt that such an arrangement was not in the best interests of the children as the children were not familiar with any of his staff.

"I believe that you and the children should interact in a private space where one could feel at ease. It does not require anyone to come to our home for surveillance."

According to Lee, she waited until morning and spent the night tossing and turning, unsure of the situation the next morning.

She sent him another text message to reiterate her previous request for him to come alone but he replied to inform her about his refusal to comply and eventually brought the men to the doorstep.

" Through the door, I pleaded you to let the two men wait downstairs. You refused to agree and threatened that if I do not let you bring people into the home, you would not come home to see the children."

Lee said she pleaded with him not to leave because the children would be very sad and have been looking forward to his return for a very long time, and asked him to come in to see the children no matter what.

She claimed her ex-husband assured her not to worry as that there were only the two men whom she was acquainted with outside her home with Wang.

The two men had confirmed that they were the only ones with Wang, Lee added.

“Outside working situations, I have no personal connections with these two men. Under such circumstances, I feel very uncomfortable," Lee said, adding that she felt very scared as there was only her, the children and the helper at home at that time.

However, when she checked the surveillance cameras outside her home, she noticed a third man hiding at the back whom she did not recognise.

She observed the two staff members even told him to stand further back from the door.

This sight made her feel nervous and scared, she said.

Image via @jl.leilei on Instagram.

4) Asked to disconnect surveillance cameras at home

In addition to Wang's insistence to enter with his male staff members, he also asked Lee "to disconnect the children’s surveillance cameras at home" before he entered.

When Lee refused to relent, she said Wang initially wanted to unlock the door with the key and attempt to barge into the home as he kept shaking the door forcefully.

"Luckily, we had a door lock, or else I don’t know what you would do! The children witnessed all of this, and cried out of fear, my hand also continued trembling and did not stop even when it was night time."

She wondered aloud in her letter about why he would do something that would cause a direct confrontation in front of the children.

5) Lied to friends and relatives that Lee didn't allow him to see children

According to Lee, she has "endured immense mental stress due to [Wang's] various ‘out of order’ behaviour".

She accused Wang of not giving up on pretending to be pitiful in front of relatives and friends, trying to procure their sympathy and use them as mouthpieces to spread untruths to help vindicate himself.

She also claimed he still repeatedly harasses the people around her, attempting to slander her and fabricate false evidence.

For example, she said she has been making arrangements for Wang and the children to have video calls every day.

However, Wang allegedly spread messages to those around him, saying Lee did not let her see them, and that whenever he called, she would aim the webcam towards the floor, and other untruthful accusations.

Lee said she has been organising evidence to prove that she has been wronged.

6) Neglected the children's safety in order to save his reputation

Lee shared another anecdote about how Wang neglected the children's safety in order to look good in front of the media.

She said during one of the video calls with the children, he knew that the media were waiting downstairs at that time.

Wang had allegedly tried to persuade the children to go with him to the first floor and reassured the children that they can just let the media take photos of them.

In Lee's eyes, Wang was neglecting the children's safety for the sake of saving his own reputation.

7) Shared confidential video call footage of children with irrelevant people

In addition, she claimed that Wang had shared confidential footage during the children's video call with him that was 17 minutes long with irrelevant people for no reason without her and the children’s permission, which exposed their appearance and violated their privacy.

She added that he could not give her a reason when she asked him about it.

Protecting their identity and privacy is key to allow their children to live their lives without suffering any bullying or harassment due to the saga, Lee explained.

Despite his statement to the media that his current priority is his children, Lee said she has not seen him behave in a way that suggests that and all she sees is how he only looks out for himself.

She also throws back the psychological issues ball at him and beseeches him to seek professional help:

"No mother would be willing to say this but I now discovered that a father who is not physically and mentally well is scarier than an absent father. I genuinely hope you can wake up, and not continue to make mistakes. Your various ‘out of order’ behaviour is no longer what a sound person would do. For the sake of the children, I hope you are willing to face your problems and accept professional help."

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