Wang Leehom's ex-wife claims he cheated on her with both men & women

His ex-wife ended her letter by saying that by making her experience public, she hopes others would not have to go through the same things she did.

Kayla Wong | December 18, 2021, 03:42 PM

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Taiwanese-American singer Wang Leehom has split from his wife of eight years.

Citing a difference in views regarding their future plans, the 45-year-old said although they have applied for divorce, they are still a family always.

Wang had married 35-year-old Li Jinglei in 2013.

News of their divorce had quickly sparked rumours and speculations about the reasons behind their split, with many saying that it was due to Wang's promiscuity. Rumours that he is not exactly heterosexual and is simply using his wife as a beard to hide his actual sexual orientation had resurfaced as well.

In a letter that appeared to give some truth to the rumours, Li took to both Weibo and Instagram to drop the bombshell on their relationship behind the scenes.

Of the numerous allegations she made of Wang, one was his supposed infidelity with several men and women that he called his "friends", both before and after they got married.

Alleged cheating

Li, who said Wang had first asked for her number when he was 26 years old while she was still underage (16 years old), claimed that while she and Wang were dating, he told her that he did not wish to enter a relationship.

Although she was "shocked" that he said this the morning right after they spent the night together -- as she had never experienced something like this before -- she thought about his "positive" image as an idol, and reasoned it as him having been hurt in the past.

And while they started dating, she quickly realised she wasn't the only one in his life. She said,

"I later found out that there were many others who played the same role as me; you have many of such 'friends' in several cities. You've also been photographed bringing girls home to spend the night, and also calling for hookers.

There is actually solid proof illustrating these, the girls clearly mentioned the floor you stayed on, and they turned left towards your unit after exiting the lift.

You've confessed these to me as well, saying it's your problem, and that you're unable to control yourself. I asked for a breakup, and you called me repeatedly for a few weeks to say that you won't do this again, and that I'm your 'only one' (a reference to one of Wang's most famous songs - The One and Only)."

Since then, they continued to see each other with the eventual goal of "starting a family" together, Li said. But Wang had allegedly not ceased his philandering ways.

"Once, after your Shanghai concert, you didn't call me, and I couldn't reach you even in the morning the next day. Later I found that you spent the entire night with your sex buddy, and you guys even took intimate pictures together.

Even after we got married, you continued to see her. Although you already have me, you still replied happily to her birthday wish that she sent along with her nudes. Despite promising me that you won't see her anymore, you carried on doing so, and continued exchanging amorous text messages with her."

Multiple affairs

Li claimed that there were other women that Wang were seeing on the side as well.

"There's a woman who's married herself with a kid, but she wants you to lie to her husband too. Your past of casual hookups with her makes me very uncomfortable, because even after we got married, she continued to behave amorously towards you, while you responded in kind passionately. If there's really nothing to hide, there's no need to rope you in to lie to her husband as well.

When I said I was okay with interactions on a normal social setting with her, but that I wasn't comfortable with inviting her to our home, you got really mad, and said there would be no more Christmas parties at our place. Even when you knew that you'd be breaking the law, you insisted on going over to her home for a gathering with her."

Li continued to recount the incidents when she was made to deal with Wang's affairs.

"When I was pregnant and about to give birth, your dance instructor 'friend' texted me to say that he was very sad as he thought that you guys were together. Another female 'friend' also cried for a full hour in front of me after hearing that we were together, as she thought you guys were an item.

Later I found that you've documented various characteristics of the hookers you solicited, and that some of them look like the staff members that have been working with us. How could I endure all these?"

Thereafter, she said that she chose to forgive him, and gave up any hopes of trying to change him. She also backed out of his life, saying that she stopped arguing with him and simply waited for him with the kids at home.

However, that wasn't enough to save their marriage -- Wang still asked for a divorce.

"But you still selfishly chose to leave, the reason being if you meet a girl you like, you don't want her to bear with the label of being 'the third party', and so you insisted on us getting a divorce.

When I refused to do so, you piled on the tactics and used all sorts of ways to torment me, even humiliate me by twisting the truth in front of our friends and family."

Wouldn't have agreed to marry Wang if she knew his plans for the future

Li also said if she knew what she knows today, she would not have agreed to marry Wang.

"When we got married, I thought we would be a family in this lifetime, so I put my all into this family.

Because you're 10 years older than me and hope to have many children, you kept pushing me to have kids one after another. And so I gave up my career and my personal life to make you and the kids my everything. For the most part of our marriage, if I wasn't preparing for pregnancy or in the middle of one, I would be nursing the children. In the process, my body and spirit went through several changes, and I faced them alone.

Of course, I love kids, and I agreed to have them, but if I knew that after giving birth to these three children, you would leave our family to pursue life as a 'single', I wouldn't have agreed (to marry you). You're also clearly aware that my biggest dream since young is to have a family that lives in harmony, and that my children would grow up in a family that's complete and full of love. But I don't regret this, because our three children are my everything, and are the biggest blessing God has given me."

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She also said that while she tried to bear with everything for the sake of their children, she decided that enough is enough.

"You've missed the children's birthdays and other important days. Each time you go, it's a few months at a stretch. When I see the kids cry and collapse onto me, my heart has broken into pieces too.

I realised that I'm not giving a good example to our children if I continue to put up with these. I thought that doing so would make the kids happy, but it has only brought about worries and anxiety over not being able to see you again, as well as endless disappointment."

Li and Wang have three kids -- two daughters who are seven and five years old respectively, and a three-year-old son.

Li ended her letter by saying that by making her experience public, she hopes that others would not have to go through the same things she did.

She also refuted allegations that she used Wang to "marry up", saying that she has never relied on Wang for the life she has currently, and that she will not ask him for any living costs and suffer any sort of humiliation as a result.

"With my hard work, I can bring up the children by myself," she said.

Li also thanked those who sent her messages of support and encouragement during this trying time, adding that writing the letter was "the toughest decision" she has made in her life.

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