A *very* concise summary of Wang Leehom's saga, to be digested in 3 minutes

As concise as it can get, we swear.

Mandy How | December 20, 2021, 06:52 PM

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The name Wang Leehom is here, there, everywhere.

Here's a quick summary of the saga so you know what your everyone else is chattering on about.

1. Dec. 15: Wang Leehom confirms divorce

It was widely reported that he had split with then-wife, Lee Jinglei, as she could not get along with his mum.

Wang and Lee, who married in 2013, have three children together: a three-year-old son, and two daughters who are five years old and seven years old.

2. Dec. 17: Ex-wife Lee Jinglei posts nine-page exposé

She accused him of cheating on her before and throughout their marriage, soliciting prostitutes, and have multiple friends with benefits (FWBs).

He had also missed family celebrations on multiple occasions.

Another point of contention was that Wang had apparently hit on Lee while she was 16 and a minor.

3. Dec. 18: Wang Leehom dropped like hot potato

As expected, brands started dropping Wang, and Jay Chou even unfollowed him on Instagram.

Vivian Hsu, who was rumoured to be one of Wang's very beneficial friend, threatened to sue anyone who spreads falsehoods about her.

4. Dec. 18: Vivian Hsu puts out second social media post, denies being Wang Leehom's FWB

Hsu said that she has only met Wang twice this year, with both occasions being a group meeting at her house.

Although the speculations revolved around Hsu, she was never explicitly mentioned in Lee's post.

"The issue of Wang Leehom's marriage has had great impact on me, but I have absolutely never overstepped boundaries and let my husband down!" Hsu added.

The threat of legal action continued, and Hsu urged Wang to come out and clarify the matter.

5. Dec. 18 - 19: Wang Leehom's father puts out letter, alleging ex-wife is a gold-digger

Wang's father released a letter of his own, accusing Lee of being a gold-digger and trapping his son in a marriage with her first pregnancy.

He maintained that Wang has never been unfaithful, and alleged that Lee had been planning the exposé for the past two years.

The elder Wang also claimed that Lee had asked for a hefty alimony, as well as domestic helpers, a nanny and a chauffeur, on top of education and living expenses for the children.

He added that his son was spent from trying to maintain the marriage for the past seven years, and the last two years in particular had been "living hell."

Lee swiftly responded on the morning of Dec. 19, rebutting the allegations made by the elder Wang, and asked for a public apology by 3pm on the day.

The ex-wife also questioned why there were second and third kids if the marriage was so miserable.

She then revealed that Wang had reportedly tried to get her to retract her statements by offering her a condominium.

6. Dec. 19: S’porean singer Yumi Bai admits to dating Wang Leehom

BY2's Yumi Bai, who was speculated to be Wang's mistress, admitted to dating Wang before the singer married Lee.

However, she denied coming between their marriage.

Before Yumi's statement, BY2 Studio announced on Weibo that they have made a police report over the gossip.

In the comments section of Yumi's Weibo post, Lee asked for the police's contact details, so that she can provide the necessary evidence. Somebody bring the cold water.

7. Dec. 19: Wang Leehom finally breaks silence and releases a statement

Late on Dec. 19, Wang finally stepped out to release a statement of his own.

He denied ever having been disloyal to their marriage, and claimed that Lee had forced him to marry her because she was pregnant.

For the five years and eight months that they were married, Wang apparently lived in fear of her.

Like his father, Wang implied that Lee is a gold-digger who had asked for a hefty settlement sum, a monthly alimony, as well as half of their Los Angeles property and investment shares.

Wang also pleaded to see his children.

He added that he will address her allegations one by one.

8. Dec. 20: Lee rebukes Wang's response in two parts

Shortly after Wang's statement, Lee hit back with her own in the wee hours of Dec. 20.

Lee retorted that the assets she "asked" for were acquired through both of their hard work during the marriage, and were legally under joint ownership.

Additionally, they had only visited two psychologists, instead of five like Wang claimed.

One of the two psychologists allegedly diagnosed the singer with sex addiction and narcissistic personality disorder, adding that he would make Lee out to be crazy in front of his friends.

The psychologist also said that Lee was living under long-term mental abuse by Wang.

In the second part of her rebuke, Lee doubled down on specific instances of Wang's cheating, asking for him to clarifying those.

In his statement, Wang had given the impression that Lee refuses to speak with him, when it was Wang who ignored her calls and messages on Dec. 19, according to Lee.

9. Dec. 20: Wang Leehom apologises, will withdraw from work temporarily

The singer put out an apology at noon to his ex-wife.

He announced that he will be stopping work temporarily to spend more time with his parents and children.

Wang also said that he will be transferring ownership of their house to Lee, and support them financially the best he can.

The allegations remain unaddressed.

And with any luck, this will be the end of the saga.

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Top image via Lee Jinglei, Wang Leehom, Vivian Hsu and Yumi Bai's Instagram pages