Netizen claiming to know Wang Leehom's close aide says singer never cheated, was afraid Lee Jinglei would kill herself & kids

Here we go again.

Lean Jinghui | January 07, 2022, 03:38 PM

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And so the Wang Leehom saga continues.

For the uninitiated, the Wang Leehom saga began in mid-December 2021, after the Mandopop artist and his ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, confirmed their divorce.

Lee subsequently posted a nine-page expose on Wang, accusing him of multiple wrongdoings, including cheating on her, soliciting prostitutes, and having multiple friends with benefits (FWBs).

While most of the hubbub died down by end-December 2021, a netizen claiming to know a senior who is Wang's staff member recently came forth on Weibo to shed new light on the saga.

The netizen, who was anonymous, posted a five-point summary, allegedly on behalf of the senior and from Wang's point of view.

1) About the cheating allegations

According to the netizen, Wang's staff members had maintained that the cheating allegations were not true.

The netizen shared: "The staff members worked closely with Wang, and stayed next to his hotel rooms. They believe that if he had been meeting others on the sly, they would have known. At the very least, they had never helped to arrange any meet-ups for Wang."

Additionally, while the 45-year-old was playful before marriage, Wang had reportedly changed after marrying Lee.

“He put his career first — even before his family and love — and his reputation is very important to him. That’s why he couldn't have done the things [that Lee accused him of] after getting married”.

2) Conversation with By2's Yumi was purely for work

The netizen also claimed that Lee did not actually have any evidence of Wang's philandering ways.

Following news of By2's Yumi allegedly being FWBs with Wang, Wang had reportedly checked his WhatsApp log as well.

The netizen shared that Yumi's 2015 text to Wang, rather than a scandalous exchange, had been purely for work.

The accompanying sexually explicit WhatsApp profile pic had also apparently not been of her.

Lee had previously shared a screenshot of a message by Yumi to Wang in 2015.

The contents of Yumi's message to Wang, as posted by the netizen. Via Weibo.

According to the contents of the text message shared by the netizen, Yumi had reached out to Wang only for help in recording a promotional video for BY2’s seventh album, which was to be played at a Beijing press event.

The netizen added: "The court will award Lee with more assets if she has any evidence of Wang cheating, but she hasn’t submitted any. Is it because she doesn’t want to give it to them? No, it’s because she doesn’t have any.”

3) On the house

8world news reported that the netizen had also addressed why Wang had initially refused to give the house Lee is currently living in with her children, to the latter.

Apparently, Wang and Lee had already previously agreed upon a 50/50 split in shared assets.

The source elaborated: "Wang felt that if he also gave the house to Lee, Lee would have received more than a 50 per cent split of their combined assets, which was why he did not initially agree."

4) Lee is extreme, has psychological issues

The netizen also said that Wang had initially been advised by his staff to go on livestream to address Lee's accusations.

However, Wang had decided against it as he felt that Lee is a very extreme person, and has "some psychological issues".

Wang had reportedly been worried that if he continued to spar publicly with Lee and "exposed" her narrative, that Lee would "do something drastic with the kids, like jump off a building with them".

As a result he had "chosen not to retaliate", and decided to leave the matter in the hands of authorities.

5) Wang had actually been in contact with Lee

Lastly, the netizen shared that contrary to Lee's accusations that Wang had refused to speak to her on Dec. 19, the duo had continually been in contact throughout that period of time.

However, as Wang normally communicates via audio messages, and Lee had made a series of calls on that day instead of their usual method of correspondence, Wang had not been prepared and did not receive Lee's calls.

According to the netizen, Wang also shared that he intends to take a "three to five years" hiatus from the entertainment industry because of the scandal.

According to Taiwanese media, Wang's agency has not yet responded to enquiries to verify the contents of the post.

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Top images via Lee Jinglei Instagram