BY2's Yumi & Lee Jinglei accuse each other of lying through their teeth

The gift that keeps on giving.

Karen Lui | January 12, 2022, 03:06 PM

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As it turns out, the Wang Leehom saga is far from over.

Last night (Jan. 11), Mandopop singer Wang Leehom's ex-wife, Lee Jinglei, posted another long letter on her social media pages.

In addition to accusing Wang of unsavoury behaviour, Lee also addressed By2's claims that she did not submit evidence of Yumi's alleged adultery with Wang to the police.

By2 subsequently hit back at Lee on Jan. 12.


Following Wang's divorce from Lee, the ex-wife shared a nine-page exposé, accusing Wang of multiple wrongdoings, including cheating on her, soliciting prostitutes, and having multiple friends with benefits (FWBs), on Dec. 17, 2021.

In the letter, Lee had accused Yumi, a Singaporean singer and one half of By2, of being Wang's mistress.

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On Dec. 18, 2021, Yumi's company, By2 Studio, shared an image of a police report on Weibo. Lee responded that she will provide evidence if the duo gave her the police's contact details.

On Dec. 19, 2021, Yumi admitted to dating Wang before his marriage to Lee but denied the allegations that she was his mistress.

On the same day, Lee responded to Yumi's post via Weibo, with a photograph of a WhatsApp chat log that included a sexually explicit display picture, alleging that Yumi was still in contact with Wang in 2015 when he was already married.

On Dec. 23, 2021, Lee apologised to innocent parties whom she did not name, in what she believed to be the final post that was intended to end the saga.

By2: Lee has not contacted police

By2 Studio released a Weibo statement on Jan. 10, saying that the police has not heard from Lee and it has been 21 days since the day Lee publicly asked for the contact details of the police.

The agency asked Lee, who is not in Mainland China, to co-operate with the police and complete the investigations regarding the rumours and slander caused by her.

Screen shot via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

It also included an image of the message that was sent on Dec. 19, 2021.

The message said that the matter has been reported to the police.

According to By2 Studio, they have chosen to reach out to her privately as the relevant department has told them not to publicise the information to avoid negatively affecting police investigations.

The message included the contact details of the department handling the case, as well as the date of the report, which was made during the early morning of Dec. 18.

Screen shot via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

Lee: Did not receive any messages

On Jan. 11, Lee dedicated the last paragraph of her latest letter to address this matter with Yumi.

According to Lee, she initially believed that the message from By2 Studio was "buried beneath the 15,120,000 messages" in her inbox.

However, the 35-year-old claimed she could not find the message even when she ran a search with the By2 Studio handle.

She also included a screen recording to show that there were no messages from them in her inbox.

"The truth is, I’ve waited 21 days but never received any messages from you. Everything I’ve mentioned is true. I will definitely do my best to co-operate in investigations and submit evidence to the police."

Screen shot via Lee Jinglei's Weibo page.

"News" by Yumi's "bosom friend"

Lee also brought up the multifarious information that Yumi and “bosom friend” ("gui mi") have allegedly put out in the past three weeks, saying that she "hopes that it will stop."

No, this "bosom friend" does not refer to Wang.

It refers to a netizen who claims to be Yumi's female friend outside showbiz under the handle "做个小孩007" ("Be a child 007") on Weibo.

Said friend was the same one who shared pictures and information about Yumi's alleged suicide attempt.

On Dec. 23, 2021, By2 Studio released a statement denying the suicide attempt.

The netizen also came out to make other claims, defending Yumi, which includes:

By2 Studio responds to Lee

Less than an hour after Lee's letter was posted, By2 Studio responded via Weibo on Jan. 12.

The post said, "She's lying again! Does she think that she need not take legal responsibility by always hiding behind her keyboard and fabricating rumours while she is not in Mainland China?"

It included a screen recording of By2 Studio performing the same search on their account, which showed that they have sent the message to Lee.

Screen shot via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

By2 Studio shared another post around an hour later:

"We do not possess the literary talent to reverse right from wrong, only notarised evidence and innocence. Hope Lee Jinglei does not continue slandering, manipulating public opinion, and setting a bad example for young people. You're not in Mainland China, your Weibo does not bear the verified "V" symbol, it's difficult to confirm your true identity. Since you're online, please tell us your contact details and mailing address, and accept legal judgement."

Screen shot via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

The post came with two image attachments of the notarised certificate issued by the China Shanghai Zhangjiang Notary Public Office.

Image via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

Image via By2 Studio's Weibo page.

Lee has shared another update on Jan. 12 in response to Wang, but has yet to address By2 Studio's latest posts.

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