Elvin Ng reveals what happened between him & Angel Lim in 2018 'incident'

Addressing Dasmond Koh's Facebook post.

Karen Lui | April 30, 2021, 06:22 PM

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Earlier this month, Elvin Ng's little story time about an unprofessional Taiwanese actor sparked a two-week saga.

It also inspired others, namely Danny Yeo, Dasmond Koh, and actress Sora Ma to step forward with their own experiences.

Besides a few cryptic Instagram posts and a statement from his manager, Ng did not personally address the saga — until his appearance on episode 11 of Mediacorp's #justswipelah, published on Apr. 29.

He also clarified the situation with actress Angel Lim that Koh had publicly asked him about via social media.

Dasmond Koh situation

When Ng first noticed Koh's post, he wondered, "What happened?"

The actor explained,

"When I thought back about it, there may have been an incident but in the recent two to three years, I've constantly worked with many of [Koh's] artistes and there weren't any issues either. Besides, every time I saw [Koh], I have always been very respectful and polite. I feel that addressing the issue directly face-to-face makes it easier to resolve any misunderstandings at work."

In a radio interview with YES 933, Koh said that he was just contributing to the topic of the day, which was the Elvin Ng and Patrick Lee saga, and said that he would not have published his post if the topic was not brought up in the first place.

The snippet of the radio interview was weaved into the #justswipelah episode.

Ng continued, saying that his manager suggested a three-way phone call.

However, Ng declined it as he believed he was a "gentleman" who could have a polite conversation with Koh (one-on-one, we presume).

"If there were any misunderstandings, I could clear things up at the same time."

Ng felt that the phone conversation went well and "everything seemed okay".

However, Ng soon discovered that Koh had publicly claimed that Ng was unwilling to speak more about the matter.

Ng felt that Koh's words insinuated that he was hiding something when he "actually had nothing to hide".

Caption translates to "Elvin Ng's first time addressing the post in an interview". Screenshot via meWATCH.

The actor then went on to explain the incident that was addressed between him and Lim.

During a shoot for a romantic scene, Ng admitted to losing his temper a little.

Ng had reminded Lim "to be professional" and told her she cannot act differently when her facial expressions were being filmed as it would affect the continuity of the visual story-telling for that scene.

The actor admitted that he was "quite enraged" and had conveyed his message in a heated manner.

Nonetheless, he believed all three parties — Koh, Lim, and himself — could have done better.

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Top images via Elvin Ng, Angel Lim, and Dasmond Koh's Instagram pages.