Dasmond Koh publicly calls for Elvin Ng to explain an 'incident' while filming with Angel Lim in 2018

The plot thickens.

Karen Lui | April 13, 2021, 04:49 PM

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Local actor Elvin Ng revealed on a Singapore talk show last week that he was bullied by Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee before when they worked together.

Subsequently, Singaporean host Danny Yeo shared his own unpleasant experience of working with Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee.

And now, adding to the ongoing drama, someone else has spoken up

Local host Dasmond Koh has publicly called for Ng to clarify an incident when he was filming with local actress Angel Lim.

Tagged Ng directly

On Monday, Apr. 12, local host Dasmond Koh shared what he heard about Lee in a post on Facebook and Instagram.

Image from Dasmond Koh's Facebook.

In his post, Koh brought up an "unpleasant filming experience" between Lee and actor Xu Bin that allegedly took place in Malaysia.

He added that they eventually let go of the issue.

Koh also took the chance to apologise for his ignorance that may have potentially hurt others in the past, saying: "We have all been through times of ignorance, perhaps our ignorance may have affected others in the past."

The host then proceeded to tag Ng, and asked him to clarify what happened during the time when Ng filmed the 2018 Channel 8 television series "Heart to Heart" with co-star Angel Lim.


Koh is the co-founder of NoonTalk Media that manages artistes like himself, Xu, and Lim.

Only heard one side of the story

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao that was published on Apr. 12, Koh was asked if he was insinuating that Ng had bullied Lim during the filming.

Koh emphasised that he does not know if what happened during the filming of "Heart to Heart" is considered "bullying" as he has only heard one side of the story.

"Seeing what is happening around him recently (in reference to Ng's issue with Lee), I only wanted to ask him what happened at that time of filming," he said.

Clarified that he's not doing this for clout

Despite Wanbao's repeated probing, he refused to disclose details regarding Lim's filming experience.

He said, "I'm not certain who's right and who's wrong. It may be a misunderstanding. It is also possible that Lim's mindset was not mature at that time. We can look into the matter, if it was Lim's fault, I am willing to apologise on her behalf."

Koh added that the alleged bullying incident between Ng and Lee has drawn the entertainment industry's attention to the issue of "bullying". He also said he brought up Lim's incident in the first place as he hoped that more "positivity" can be spread in this industry, and that they can clarify any misunderstandings.

He reiterated that the last thing he hoped for was for others to think he was doing this for clout.

"Heart to Heart" filming experience

When Ng filmed "Heart to Heart" with Lim in 2018, the actress was only 21 years old.


During the press conference held in December 2018, Ng was asked if he felt stressed working with a younger actress.

The actor replied, "No, because the acting was natural and comfortable and we co-operated very well. However, I noticed that the actresses I've been working with are getting younger."

Regarding communication issues, Ng said it was alright and added, "I'm sure those born in the 90s have their own views."


Lim had thanked Ng in September 2018.

When asked if she felt any pressure filming as a newcomer, Lim said, "A little because my Mandarin is not good. Fortunately, my co-stars Elvin and Xiang Yun will guide me along, they are very good seniors."

Ng's and Lim's posts

Within the same day, Ng shared the following cryptic post on his Instagram and Facebook profiles, without addressing Koh's post directly.


In response to queries by 8 Days, Ng's manager from The Celebrity Agency, Ada Koh, said: "We are in conversation with NoonTalk and are finding out more. After all, it’s been more than three years. The best way forward is for both artistes involved to have a private constructive dialogue."

Shortly after Ng's post, Lim also shared the following post on Instagram.


Like Ng, she did not address the situation involving Koh's and Ng's posts directly, choosing to talk instead about perseverance.

Netizens' comments

Netizens remained divided about Koh's decision to publicly call out Ng on social media.

Some questioned Koh's motives of adding to the feud between Ng and Lee.

"I personally don't think you should tag Elvin Ng. If you have any issues, both of you can clarify privately... Wrong timing to say too. My opinion."

"Frankly, I roughly know who your artistes are. But nobody quite knows who this 'Angel' is... You're finally here to help her! Good! I'll give you a like".

Others came to Koh's defence and believed what he did was justified.

"Why are the comments so twisted? He didn't say Elvin bullied anyone, perhaps Elvin knows about some insider information? Why are you all saying Desmond[sic] is not good? You are all very weird."

At least one netizen was concerned about Lim.

"What happened! Is Lin Xi okay?"

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