S'porean host Danny Yeo said Patrick Lee once yelled at him to 'get out' in front of an audience

Oh no.

Karen Lui | April 13, 2021, 10:49 AM

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The saga between Singaporean actor Elvin Ng and Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee is in full swing.

Earlier on on Mediacorp talkshow "The Inner Circle", Ng alleged that Lee had bullied on the set of a TV series filmed in Kuala Lumpur.

Lee denied any bullying shortly after, but the two continued sparring online via social media posts.

However, it seems like Ng was not the only one who encountered issues working with Lee.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), Singaporean host Danny Yeo has stepped forward to share his negative experience of working with Lee on 2012 film, "Imperfect".

Shouted at him to "get out"

According to SMDN, Yeo was reluctant to comment too much on the issue but eventually relented and shared that Lee had yelled at him in front of a crowd.

Image by @dannyyeo_yangjunwei on Instagram.

Yeo said, "I've been working as a host for so many years, Patrick Lee is the only artiste who yelled at me. He yelled at me to "get out" in a cinema in front of everyone."

The host recalled that he was dumbfounded and stunned at that moment.

After the incident, Yeo self-reflected, wondering if he had any verbal disagreement with Lee during the press conference or movie premiere, or if he had made a mistake to annoy Lee.

Yeo added, "At that time in the cinema, he was right beside me when he shouted. Fortunately, he was not holding on to a microphone."

Having hosted numerous top stars' press conferences and movie premieres, Yeo never expected such a situation to arise in front of a huge crowd.

The host added that he had no idea what he did wrong, and could only continue hosting.

Yeo remembered apologising to producer Li Nanxing who immediately replied, "No problem, no problem".

Despite being so experienced in hosting, Yeo remained self-critical of his inability to react to being yelled to "get out", touting it as "the worst on-the-spot performance of all time."

Although the host has encountered numerous big shots in the film industry, Yeo told SMDN that he was "afraid only of Lee."

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Top images by Danny Yeo and Patrick Lee's Instagram pages.