S'porean mum discovers canes sold out at 2 stores as side effect of work-from-home

Kids all over the country quaking in fear.

Mandy How | April 01, 2020, 04:09 PM

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Working from home means spending a lot more time with your family members.

For children in Singapore, however, this may not be turning out to be such a good thing.

Best-selling item

On Mar. 29, one Singaporean mum went out to buy a cane for her six-year-old daughter, only to return home with a crooked and slightly bent variant.

As it turned out, all the canes at the store had been sold out.

The storekeeper also told her that the cane has been their best-selling item, ever since the work-from-home measure was implemented the week before.

The mum then joked that all parents were in the same boat on her Instagram Stories.

Screenshot via Mothership reader

And that was not the only store that was all out of canes.

About one week ago, the mum had already started looking for canes near her workplace. Another storekeeper told her then that they had run out.

Screenshot via Mothership reader

This storekeeper said in Mandarin: "Are all the parents in Singapore beating their kids to death?"

Later on, the mum clarified that she mostly uses the cane as a threat, and urged other parents not to abuse their kids.

"I'm just sayin' there are few ways faster than using a cane to make your kid put on their shoes in three seconds," she quipped.

Screenshot via Mothership reader

Top image via Mothership reader, Beaverine on Wikipedia 


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