Employers 'strongly advised' to facilitate work-from-home wherever possible: MOH

Reducing close physical interactions among employees.

Mandy How | March 20, 2020, 07:03 PM

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Employers are "strongly advised" to put in place measures to reduce close physical interactions among employees, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced in a press conference on Mar. 20.

1. Work-from-home

This includes working from home wherever possible.

Under this measure, employers should facilitate telecommuting and tele-conferencing in place of physical meetings.

2. Staggered working hours

If telecommuting is not possible, employers should implement staggered working hours for both reporting and ending times.

This should be done with minimally three one-hourly blocks, with no more than 50 per cent of total employees reporting to work within each one-hour block.

Where possible, reporting and ending times should not coincide with peak-hour travel, especially if employees require the use of public transport.

3. Reduce duration and proximity of physical interactions

Additionally, employers should provide physical spacing of at least 1 metre apart between work stations.

Attendees for physical meetings should be limited, with the duration shortened as well.

Seats in meeting rooms should be placed at least 1 metre apart.

4. Scale down critical work events

Besides deferring non-critical work events, critical ones should also be scaled down.

This includes limiting it to 250 participants, and ensuring a distance of at least 1 metre during the event.

This applies to meal times and mingling as well.

These requirements and advisories will be subject to further review based on the global and local situation, the ministry added.

Top image by Zheng Zhangxin