Rebecca Lim also says she is not in touch with Ian Fang, but hopes he's doing 'okay'

Nobody in touch with Ian Fang these days.

Mandy How | July 11, 2019, 02:49 PM

Local actress Rebecca Lim has spoken up about the Ian Fang-Carrie Wong incident.

Earlier in May, Fang and Wong became the talk of the town after salacious texts between them were leaked.

But Wong recently appeared at a public event and expressed that she has moved on from Fang.

However, Lim, who is rumoured to be Fang's (ex) beau, has said close to nothing about the scandal (publicly, at least).

Until a July 10 interview with online entertainment magazine 8 Days, that is.

"Looks forward to seeing a better him"

Addressing the scandal head-on, Lim revealed that it's been "a while" since she saw Fang.

The actress has been busy filming for her upcoming drama C.L.I.F. 5, and hasn't had the time or mood to go out.

Lim also told 8 Days, very meaningfully, “He [Fang] hasn’t made an effort to reach out to me either.”

The actress added that she hopes Fang is "doing okay", and looks forward to "seeing a better him" after the storm.

When 8 Days asked if Lim has forgiven Fang, the actress reportedly looked "puzzled" and said,

“There’s nothing to forgive. To be honest, we have not talked about this at all because it’s his personal matter. We may be good friends, but we don’t really discuss each other’s private lives.”

As for having her name splashed all over the scandal, Lim said that she is "thankful" to the media for remembering her, as she hasn't had the time to think about it due to the intensity of her job.

Lim has not spoken to Wong since the fallout.

Previously mentioned in leaked messages

In the last wave of leaked messages in May, Wong had allegedly said that "Becks" is “so nice so nice” and shouldn’t be hurt.

She also added that Becks’ things are at Fang’s place.

Top image via Rebecca Lim and Ian Fang's Instagram


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