Suntec City office workers use Post-It notes to send wholesome pictorial messages across buildings

Wholesome news.

Fasiha Nazren | February 1, 11:57 am


An office can be a truly boring place because people are literally stuck in a building to do work.


But a group of people at Suntec Tower 1, 2 and 3 found joy in communicating with one another between office buildings using Post-It notes.

Post-It messages

On Jan. 11, Twitter user @Gurlstrange started a wholesome thread.

In case you can’t see the Tweet, @Gurlstrange and her colleagues formed the word “Hi” with yellow Post-Its on their window.

via @Gurlstrange

Shortly after, she found out that someone from the opposite building responded with a more enthusiastic “Hi!”:

via @Gurlstrange

The Twitter user then cheekily replied with a blue tick.

via @Gurlstrange

Noticed by another tower

On Jan. 18, @Gurlstrange and her colleagues formed a thumbs up sign on their window:

via @Gurlstrange

And another office from Suntec Tower 3 noticed them and reciprocated with a heart shape.



Welcoming year of the pig

To welcome the Year of the Pig, @Gurlstrange and her colleagues formed this picture of a pig on Jan. 29.

via @Gurlstrange

And if you thought that was impressive enough, look what the people from the opposite building did:

via @Gurlstrange

They made a pig’s head out of white and pink Post-Its, the Chinese character “Fu”, which means fortune, and finished it off with a message that reads “HAPPY CNY!”.

Is this what people used to do before the invention of smartphones?

Top image screenshot from @Gurlstrange’s Twitter page


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