This fun guide to property hunting is exactly what S’poreans need

Quite fun.

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1. Are you shopping around for a home?

If yes, go to 12.

If no, proceed to 22.

5. We note that you require some help. You just need to do three things:

First, look for a property agent. There are many agents in Singapore. 29,146 to be exact (as of Jan. 1, 2019), according to the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). Look for them online or in your letterbox.

Second, note down their name, contact number or Salesperson Registration Number (it has a P or R prefix, six numbers and a suffix).

Third, check CEA’s Public Register to see if the agent is registered.

For instance:

If your agent is legit, go to 14.

If not, then click here.

7. Agents are not allowed to handle certain monies related to property transactions.

Luckily, your agent advised you to handle the money yourself. Things could be a lot worse.

Proceed to 69.

12. How serious are you?

If your answer is “damn serious, we are pregnant with triplets and we need a home now!” go to 31.

If you are just window shopping, go to 16.

14. Congrats, you found a legit agent.

If you think it’s time to ask the agent to start work, go to 23.

If not, go to 46.

16. Hmm window shopping. You must be a millennial and you must be broke.

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But millennials are woke, so proceed to 5.

18. Congrats x 3, you are almost there.

Your agent is legit, you are happy with the commission rate and your agent is not two-timing you. And you found a place and you are ready to park you, your significant other and three future kids there. It’s time to do the deed (pay the seller).

If you trust your agent to handle all the monies involved, go to 7.

If you have trust issues, go to 29.

21. Make sure the commission is confirmed and documented.

Agree on the terms, record them down with these estate agency forms, and sign them off. It’s always good to have things in black and white.

Proceed to 54.

22. Why did you click on this article??

You must be thirsty for knowledge, go to 5.

23. Think again.

Go back to 14.

29. Well done. Your paranoia is useful for once.

Agents cannot handle certain monies related to property transactions. It is illegal. When it comes to money, it’s better to do it yourself.

Proceed to 69.

31. Wow, looks like you’ve got your hands full. Do you need to engage a property agent to help you?

If your answer is “damn it, get me one now!”, go to 5.

If your answer is “I prefer to DIY.”, go to 61.

46. Congrats x 2, you are not a slave driver.

Before the agent starts work, speak with the agent, negotiate and document the agreed commission rate. Yes, fixed commission is a myth. It’s a marketplace after all. But please, no low ballers.

If you are happy with the commission rate, go to 21.

If you are not happy, go back to 5.

54. Your agent should only be representing you.

Yes. You and only you -- in this case, the buyer. He/ she cannot represent the seller.

If the agent is all yours, go to 18.

If the agent is two-timing you, click here.

61. Make sure you know how to buy a house.

For such a big purchase, be sure that you are familiar with the processes and regulations before embarking on your DIY journey.

If you are absolutely sure, visit property portals to start your house hunting.

If you are not 100% confident, go to 5.

69. This post is sponsored by the Council for Estate Agencies.

If you are curious, click here.