No more Grab promo codes? Here’s something equally good.

If you are a frequent user, might as well.

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The good days are over. Or is it?

With you-know-who already in the market, commuters are rubbing their hands with glee, anticipating the return of good ol’ competition.

Despite the entry of another player, Grab seems keen to offer long-term value for its customers with the introduction of a few subscription plans such as the Commute Plans.

What are the Commute Plans?

There are three types: Lite, Basic and Extra. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Lite: $19 per month; $4 off for 10 rides
Basic: $59 per month: $10 off for 10 rides
Extra: $109 per month: $10 off for 20 rides

What’s so good about this subscription (P3 maths edition)?

For Lite, you save: $21 because $40 – $19. Or $2.10 per ride.
Basic: $41 because $100 – $59. Or $4.10 per ride.
Extra: $91 because $200 – $109. Or $4.55 per ride.

What’s so good about this subscription (P6 maths edition)?

Now that potential savings are out of the way, check out how many rides you need to take to break even.

For Basic Plan:

If your fare is below $10, you need to do 6 to 10 rides per month to get your money worth.
If your fare is $10 or more, you can easily get your money worth at less than 6 rides.

For Extra Plan:

If your fare is below $10, you will get it back between 13 to 19 rides.
If your fare is $10 or more, you will get in 11 rides maximum.

Limited slots only

You will definitely find this subscription useful if you take Grab frequently. But here’s a PSA: There’s a cap to the number of subscribers so if you don’t wanna feel an acute feeling of FOMO, be sure to subscribe here.

Also, if you have a UOB ONE card, you will earn further discounts and up to 10% in rebates

This sponsored article makes this writer want to Grab his way to work every day.

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