S-hook zehzeh Lerine Yeo signs 2-year contract with Mark Lee's entertainment company

Mark Lee said that she reminded him of Patricia Mok a decade ago.

Zhangxin Zheng | Jeanette Tan | September 29, 2018, 06:49 PM

Things move really fast online.

And now, too, with S-hook zehzeh Lerine Yeo, who according to Shin Min Daily News has apparently signed a two-year contract with local entertainer Mark Lee's artiste management company.

Appeared as guest on his radio show

Yeo, 30, was invited to appear on Lee's regular breakfast-time radio show on Mediacorp's LOVE 97.2FM for an hour-long segment recorded on Facebook Live.

There, she of course spontaneously did an on-the-spot sales pitch for an umbrella:

Which she really started selling on her page:

Screenshot via Misshopper Boutique Faccebook page


And she also competed against Lee to see who could hook more items onto their S-hook tops.

Lee must have enjoyed his time with Yeo so much that according to the SMDN report, he has signed a contract with her — although from the way the report is worded, it's not clear which company he signed her to (Galaxy Media, his artiste management company that he started in 2011, or his new production company King Kong Media), and what kind of contract it is.

Reminds him of a younger Patricia Mok

He is quoted saying this about Yeo, though:

"She has a very natural sense of humour. Some people annoy others when they speak Singlish — and in comparison with some people who talk about (sex) organs, she does not make people feel that she is being crass or lowbrow (when she does). She is really funny, quick-witted and can switch between English, Mandarin and Hokkien seamlessly.

At first, we joked that with her signing three years with us, we can get another two years for free, but we sign two years plus another two years to try first. After all, she also has a family and children!"

The report also says Lee remarked that Yeo is a one-of-a-kind comedienne who reminded him of a young Patricia Mok.

Sold items via Facebook Live to clear stock

Shin Min also reported that Yeo originally started selling items on Facebook Live to clear stock from some S$10,000 worth of items she had purchased for sale from suppliers from China.

Her husband was reportedly not too enthusiastic about her doing so — she would film these videos in her home after coming back from her day job — but after he saw that she enjoyed it, he supported her in her efforts.

Fascinating, and this definitely isn't the last we're seeing of her — in fact, this very evening, she'll be selling 97.2FM umbrellas in person (see the screenshot above, and the Facebook post below).


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Top photos: screenshot from 972 live video, via 13 Stages Facebook post


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