S'pore groom gatecrashes as Chinese emperor, complete with eunuchs & concubines

A royal wedding indeed.

Mandy How | May 19, 2017, 12:59 PM

Weddings in Singapore these days are far from simple.

There's the couple who had an all-out Diablo-themed shoot, a gatecrashing party who came as the menu of McDonald's, and even the groom who had to put his face in worms.

This couple, however, has us all kowtowing to their dedication.

In a video shared by the bride Si Ting, the gatecrash party arrived as an entourage of Chinese royalty, complete with eunuchs, servants, and concubines.



Their make-up was on-point that day:


And their gatecrashing games was so much funnier because of the costumes:


They even cut a music video as both dynastic royalties and K-pop idols:

But of course, even the emperor has to please the bridesmaids before he can fetch his bride:


Props to the realistic costumes and ornate head pieces, as well as to their creativity and showmanship.

Watch the full video below (with sound on):


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Top image and screenshots from video.

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