S'pore extreme wedding gatecrashing game: Groom & groomsmen bury face in worms

Taking getting married to the next level.

Mandy How | November 03, 2016, 12:59 PM

While a wedding is generally a celebratory occasion, the process of gatecrashing has progressed from trying to ease the awkwardness between the match-made bride and groom with some fun and games in ancient times, to let's-stop-short-of-disemboweling-the-groom, boundary-pushing, not-so-fun games these days.

A video uploaded on Facebook showing the gatecrashing antics of a newly-wed couple has made the rounds on HardwareZone forum on Nov. 2.

Anytime anything makes its way into the HWZ forum, has to be for good reason. (Usually, disapproval.)

In this instance, a groom and his band of brothers were tasked with retrieving an object from a container of worms using only their mouths.


Reactions were, as you can guess, mostly disapproving.





Even women who commented on Facebook were not too pleased.


"That's too much - are the bridesmaids still unmarried?"



"It's this kind of psychologically unbalanced and perverse and bridesmaids again."


Some, however, took to sarcasm.




In any case, a thumbs up to the sporting groom and his brothers for completing the task.

You're probably not the first and won't be the last to go through something like that.


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