Groom & groomsmen dress up as McDonald's food for wedding gatecrash

They must be happy males.

Mandy How | January 09, 2017, 12:43 PM

Wedding gatecrashes are are often a breeding ground for horror stories, prime example being a band of brothers having to bury their face in worms.

But not this time.

A Singaporean groom just raised the bar for creativity and novelty when it comes to the jaded ritual of fetching the bride.

Dressed as various items from McDonald's menu, Guanyou and his brothers strutted down the carpark in their full glory (with the frontman being Ronald McDonald, of course):



One of them even dressed up as a delivery man for a mysterious delivery:



Ah, it was ang pows:



Their costumes only added to the comic factor during the games:





Judging by the happy smiles on the bride and her girlfriends, we're guessing the groom was wildly successful in fetching the her.




Watch the full video below uploaded on Dec. 5, 2016, for what went down exactly:


All screenshots taken from video.

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