Most civil servants' salary increment 'more than' exceeds S'pore’s 5.1% inflation rate in 2022

He said this applies to civil servants who meet the performance criteria, adding that only a "very, very small" number do not qualify.

Fiona Tan | November 28, 2022, 01:27 PM

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The salary increments for most civil servants will exceed Singapore's core inflation rate of 5.1 per cent, according to the minister-in-charge of the public service Chan Chun Sing.

Salary increments "more than" exceed inflation

Chan was responding to West Coast Group Representation Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Ang Wei Neng in Parliament on Nov. 28.

Ang had asked whether the Public Service Division (PSD) will consider a one-time wage adjustment for all civil servants to offset the anticipated high core inflation rate in 2022.

Chan said civil servants who meet the performance criteria will have salary increments that "more than" exceed the inflation rate in 2022, after factoring in the increases from a recent salary review, their annual salary increments, as well as the annual variable component (AVC) payment for the year.

The PSD announced on Nov. 24 that civil servants will receive a a 1.1-month year-end bonus in recognition of their hard work.

Junior grade officers will get an additional one-time payment of S$700.

This means that in 2022, civil servants will receive a total of 1.45 months in AVC, whereas junior officers will have get additional one-time sums of up to S$1,100, after including their respective mid-year payments.

Almost all civil servants met criteria, save for a "very, very small number"

Chan added that almost all of the civil servants have met the criteria, save for a "very, very small" number of people whose increments may not exceed the 5.1 per cent inflation rate.

He cited recent measures to overcome "sharp" inflation, such as the cost of living special payment and additional Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers, saying: "The government has all these other packages for all the Singaporean households, which we think will be able to meet the requirement to help those who are most in need."

"These support measures together will help cushion the impact of sharp inflation changes and provide further relief for Singaporean households, with more support for the lower to middle income groups."

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