Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim used to think she needed '5-6 years' to be sure of her boyfriend

Lim shared that her view on love has changed over the years.

Lee Wei Lin | October 25, 2022, 10:07 PM

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Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim took everyone aback when she announced that she was engaged to one Matthew Webster less than a year after they started dating.

The 36-year-old will be shedding more light on her relationship and wedding prep in a new series, "With Love, Becks". Joining her in the first episode was Fann Wong, who has been married to fellow actor Christopher Lee since 2009.

Fool for love

On the episode, Lim admitted that she hadn't had the best luck in love before meeting her fiancé.

She met her first love when she was 20 -- "young and naïve" -- and thinks that it was "silly" to have put in the effort to bake for him when he "didn't deserve it".

After their breakup, she never baked for her partners again and "told [herself] I had to be sure that the guy was worth it before cooking for him".

This prompted Wong to ask how Lim determined this, and the latter explained:

"I used to think that I needed to know him for a long time (before I knew he was worth it).

Ideally, we would start off as friends, become better friends [over time], get to know each other’s families and so on.

We’d date for at least five to six years before I could be sure."

Little did she know that her fiancé would take less than a year to achieve what her exes could not.

Wants stable and peaceful relationship

Back when she was in her 20s, Lim continued, she used to think that being in love meant that you had to overcome the odds together.

Now that she's in her 30s, her view on love is very different, especially after she has been through "a few relationships" and "knows what [she] wants".

"A stable and peaceful relationship where both parties accept each other completely", along with a sense of security are paramount to the bride-to-be.

Webster gives her that sense of security by only having eyes for Lim, and she added that she strongly believes in "action over just talking".

Mama Lim's stamp of approval

Lim let on that her fiancé is "very nice and sincere" towards her family members, and he has received the stamp of approval from her mother.

"I’ve been in a few relationships and my mother would always have things she didn’t like about my then-partners," she said. "This time, there was none of that and she likes him a lot. They get along very well."

Mama Lim's wisdom from years ago has also struck a chord with the actress. She recalled how her mother used to tell her that she would be able to tell how she would be treated by her partner based on how he treats the women in his family.

Lim laughed, "I used to be like, “What is this, mum?” but now I get it. He treats his mum extremely well, so I hope he treats me equally well in future."

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